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  • Shipping to california

    Asked 07/12/2017 11:46 AM CT
    by unnamed user in Hand Gun

    Used Surplus CZ75B 9mm 15+1 Fair Used Surplus CZ75B 9mm 15+1 Fair
  • Hello, I was interested in ordering this cz75. Reading up on i see that some people are receiving the decocker version and some the safety. I see both versions on California's roster. -CZ 75 B (Black) 01102 / Steel Pistol 4.593" 9mm 1/1/2018 -75 BD (Black) 01130 / Steel Pistol 4.687" 9mm 1/1/2018 I've ordered and transferred a surplus Browning hi power in the past following the same classification, it just necessitates not sending the magazine.

    4 Answers

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  • 07/19/2017 01:44 PM CT
    by Jason T - Lifetime Points: 2911 Best
  • Magazines cannot be removed for shipping purposes.

  • 07/12/2017 01:58 PM CT
    by Andrew J - Lifetime Points: 280 Best
  • Unfortunately, they are not able to change things (IE: Removing mags that are higher than 10 or the limit) or anything of the sort. I would definitely contact them via Chat Now or their Customer Service, they are VERY helpful!

  • 07/12/2017 01:35 PM CT
    by michael l - Lifetime Points: 922 Best
  • Bud's does not alter the packaging/contents in any way from the factory. You can find this in the state compliance under customer help

  • 07/12/2017 11:56 AM CT
    by James G - Lifetime Points: 22937 Best
  • You will need to inquire Directly at Buds Customer Service at 859-368-0371. Buds normal policy does not involve altering firearm packages.