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  • 08/13/2017 06:01 PM CT
    by randy i - Lifetime Points: 10163 Best
  • place item in cart. go to checkout. select FFL to be shipped to (can select or change later) continue to payment select Layaway. Pay the 20% needed to remove gun from inventory (cash $94.45 Credit $97.28). You can pay for the gun with a mixture of cash and credit and you will get the cash price on the amount you pay with cash or e-checks the portion that you pay with credit card/debit card will have a 3% charge added. Some Items can be placed on a 180 day layaway but most have a 90 day lay away. after payment completed firearm ships to you chosen FFL and you pay him a transfer fee and do paperwork the transfer fee amount is up to the receiving FFL holder normally between $15.00 and $35.00

  • 08/13/2017 05:32 PM CT
    by James G - Lifetime Points: 21167 Best
  • The layaway plan is very simple to use. Just place your order online as you normally would, select checkout - select FFL and select 'LAYAWAY' as your payment option during checkout. Only New Firearms are eligible for this program. Upon receipt of your non refundable 20% deposit (personal check, bank check, money order or credit card), we will secure your firearms(s) from our inventory and activate your 90 day Layaway Plan. During the 90 Day Layaway period, you can either make several payments, or just make one final payment at the end of 90 days, at which time we will ship your firearm(s). UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL A LAYAWAY BE HELD LONGER THAN 90 DAYS. If, after 90 days, we have not received payment in full, your Layaway Plan will automatically be canceled and any/all payments will NOT be refunded. Items on a layaway cannot be changed once the 20% deposit has been received. If a layaway is cancelled prior to 90 days the 20% deposit will NOT be refunded.