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  • 08/18/2017 09:44 AM CT
    by James B - Lifetime Points: 31 Best
  • If the shell or any cartridge in question does not eject there is a malfunction with extractor or internally. All cartridges should eject flawlessly, no hang up, hickup, or catches, just brass/steel flying. If you are having issues I suggest taking to a qualified gun Smith for repair and evaluation. Another trick that helps cycling rounds are polished internals.

  • 08/17/2017 09:21 PM CT
    by wendell o - Lifetime Points: 298 Best
  • The description states it will fire all regular and heavy loads. Should be just fine with lead

  • 08/17/2017 09:19 PM CT
    by James G - Lifetime Points: 26440 Best
  • This should eject just fine. The lead is just the payload that is fired (shot).The ejection process is performed from the extractor engagement with the brass case rim. Shot should not matter whether lead, copper, steel, slug or bismuth.

  • 08/17/2017 09:19 PM CT
    by Jason T - Lifetime Points: 2911 Best
  • I haven't heard of anything like that???? May have happened to one bad lemon, but most guys seem well pleased with this shotgun. If you do have a problem, the gun has a warranty you can use to correct the issue. I think it sounds like a fine shotgun after reading the reviewers comments.