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POF (Patriot Ordnance Firearms) 5.56 x 45mm 16.5" Barrel

  •   1. Modular Railed Receiver™ (M.R.R.™)

    6 Modular Railed Receiver (M.R.R.™)

    The patented Modular Railed Receiver (M.R.R.™) is POF’s crown jewel for precision and extreme rigidity. This is a two-piece Upper Receiver with a free-floating monolithic rail and hand guard that precisely interfaces with our reinforced “backbone” receiver. This takes stress away form the bolt area (see Oversized Heat Sink Barrel Nut) and eliminates flex where the Op Rod, Charging Handle, and Bolt Carrier sit. So, not only do we manage the platform’s points of stress, we strengthen the entire Upper Receiver. This ensures extreme accuracy by keeping the action perfectly straight (as well as your sights).

    Standard AR “flat top” platforms only provide sixty-thousandths (.060”) of material between charging handle and the upper receiver spine.

    The POF platform provides 300-thousandths (.300”) along the entire backbone.  Thats five-times thicker and five-time more rigidity!

  •   2. Magpul™ Retractable Buttstock

    6 Magpul™ Retractable

    When it comes to weight, feel, funtion, and durability, we spare no expense in providing only the best in AR accessories.  Like us, Magpul™ is a company of constant innovation of only the finest materials.

    Their STR™/CTR™ line of polyer retractable buttstocks are easily adjustable and feature "supplemental friction lock system that minimizes excessive stock movement for enhanced weapon stability and an ambidextrous QD sling mount that will accept any push-button sling swivel."

    P415s (5.56/.223) feature the CTR™ -- shown here.

    P308s (7.62/.308) feature the STR™ -- shown above.

  •   3. Anti-Tilt Buffer Tube

    6 Anti-tilt Buffer Tube

    Our Mil-Spec 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum Anti-tilt Buffer Tube uses “carrier cradle” extensions to ensure that the carrier is always supported by the buffer tube, even when the bolt is fully forward. This prevents carrier-tilt and premature wear of the buffer tube. Thusly, the buffer-detent button now doubles as a lock that stops the buffer tube from rotating and becoming loose under extreme operating conditions. POF’s design also features two (2) extra drain holes for marine combat use.

  •   4. NP3™ Coated Bolt Carrier w/ Roller Cam Pin


    Our patented bolt carrier design is custom manufactured with the mechanical key built in and positioned behind the cam pin. This helps prevent carrier tilt and eliminates

    the possibility of the key becoming misaligned with the carrier.

    It features a chrome plated

    bolt, extractor, and firing

    pin and is able to run

    dry with its nickle

    boron coating.

    Bolt Carrier Group

    Our patented Roller Cam Pin is just one more example of how far we will go to reduce friction and drag. Standard AR cam pins feature a square (steel) head that grinds along the inside of the aluminum receiver. POF’s roller head actually glides along its channel, enhancing reliability and prolonging the life of the receiver. 

    Roller Cam Pin
  •   5. Ambidextrous Safety/Selector Switch

    6 Ambidextrous
Safety/Selector Switch

    Keep your weapon ahead of the moment with a double-sided Safety/Selector Switch.  Quickly set your rifle to fire, safety, or even select fire with your trigger hand!  Whether it's a fight or a hunt, every second counts.  POF makes sure you don't have to miss those precious seconds.

  •   6.  Ambidextrous Bolt Release

    Standard rifle plaforms have easy and fast opperations.  But whether your stalking, fighting, or a competion shooter, faster is always better.  With the inclusion of the POF-USA patented Ambidextrous Bolt Release, readying your weapon has never been more intuitive.  With a simple point of your trigger finger, the weapon is locked, loaded... and you're already back on target.

Bolt Release 6
  •   7. NORGON™ Ambidextrous Magazine Release

    6 NORGON™ Ambidextrous
Magazine Release

    The Ambdextrous Magazine Release brings our Lower Receiver's universal functionality full-cirlce.  Be it pristine gas regulation, ideal materials, or ambidextrous conrtrols, POF shooters always have the upper hand.  No matter what hand that may be.

  •   8. KNS™ Precision Anti-walk Pins

    Not only are these stainless steel, non-rotating trigger/hammer pins the strongest on the market, but our rifles use KNS™ pins specifically

    designed for POF’s fully-featured

    ambidextrous lower receiver.

    KNS™ Precision
Anti-Walk Pins 6
  •   9. Drop-In Single Stage Trigger System

    6 Drop-In Single-Stage
Trigger System

    Made by POF, for POF, this intergrated trigger group brings our weapon systems’ custom features full-circle. Safe, reliable, and crisp, this single-stage, non-adjustabe trigger features a 4.5-pound pull weight and is the ideal choice for competition, tatical applications, and hunting.

  • 10. Oversized Integrated Trigger Guard

    6 Oversized Integrated
Trigger Guard

    The original integrated trigger guard for the AR platform, introduced by POF-USA, is machined and coated with the Lower Receiver.  It's oversized shape is wide enough for the thickest arctic gloves without the hassle of an unnecessary piece of plastic dangling from your rifle.

  • 11. NP3™ Coated Upper & Lower Receivers

    6 NP3™ Coated
Upper & Lower

    Developed by Robar® in Arizona, NP3™ is a combination of electroless nickel alloy plating and Polytetrafluoroethyene (aka Teflon™).

    The result is a  smooth, perfectly even, self-lubricating surface inside and out that prevents friction, wear, and corrosion unlike anything else on the market.

  • 12. Magpul™ MOE™ Pistol Grip

    6 Magpul™ MOE™
Pistol Grip

    "The MOE Grip provides Magpul quality, feel, and durability in an economical, drop-in upgrade for the standard AR15/M16/M4 pistol grip. The ergonomic, hand filling design combines aggressive texturing with storage core capability."

    - Magpul™

  • 13. Magpul™ PMAG™ Magazine Included

    Magpul™ Pmag™

    "The PMAG... features an advanced impact resistant polymer construction, a pop-off Impact/Dust Cover for storage, and an easy to disassemble design with a flared floorplate for positive magazine extraction from pouches. [It] utilizes a resilient stainless steel spring for corrosion resistance and a anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower for increased reliability."

    - Magpul™

  • 14. Oversized Heat Sink Barrel Nut

    6 Oversized Heat Sink Barrel Nut

    The patented POF Oversized Heat Sink Barrel Nut is one of our most important innovations. With just over sixty-five (65) square inches of surface area, it completely encompasses the chamber and throat area of the barrel, dissipating heat. It supports the op-rod with nearly four (4) inches of bearing surface and adds rigidity to the upper receiver assembly, enhancing reliability and accuracy. It also moves the point of deflection from the bolt/barrel lockup forward three (3) inches, away from the barrel/receiver junction; a critical component when vertical fore-grips are being used. 

  • 15. Nitride Heat-Treated Gas Block

    Our trademark Gas Block design is the heart of our industry-leading Regulated Gas Piston System.  Our latest model is a sleek, solid, single-piece item (with no welding or guidance inserts) and is Nitride heat-treated separately for maximum durability.

Gas Block 6
  • 16. 3-Position Gas System


    When you add a suppressor to your AR, gas pressure changes and timing is compromised. This could lead to a number of malfunctions. With a simple press-and-turn, POF’s patented Gas Plug instantly regulates gas pressure for three differernt modes of fire.

    Try finding that on any other AR.

Mode Suppressed
Mode Off

    The standard upright position regulates gas pressure perfectly for unsuppessed fire.

    Inverting the gas plug regulates gas pressure for proper opperation with a suppressor.

    Rotate the gas plug 90˚

    (as shown) to prevent cycling all together.

    Your semi-auto is now

    a bolt-action!

  • 17. Nitride Heat-Treated Fluted Barrel

    When it comes to firearms, “reliablility” means two things: functionality and accuracy. Definitive gas regulation and self-lubricating mechanics are nothing without the precision and durability of a quality barrel.  Our chrome-moly-vanadium alloy (machine gun rated) barrels are machined straight and feature an enhanced feeding ramp. Fluting our barrels helps to reduce weight and heat, and angles exaust away from hands and equipment. Finally, our barrels and Gas Blocks are Nitride Heat Treated separately for full corrosion resistance. This proccess makes them twice as hard (70 Rockwell case hardness) as hammer-forged barrels and a lining ten-times thicker than Mil-Spec chrome plating.

    Nitride Heat-Treated Fluted Barrel 6
  • 18. ERGO™ LowPro™ Ladder Rail Covers

    6 ERGO™ Ladder Rail Covers

    "ERGO™ LowPro [Ladder] Rail Covers protect unmounted rail areas form damage and shield the operator from sharp rail edges.  They prevent damage to gear, such as rappling ropes, that may be abraded or cut by uncovered rail sections.  Santoprene covers provide a very low profile, rubber grip surface for improved weapon control."


  • 19. Triple-Port Muzzle Break

    Designed in house to precisely compliment the platform, our Nitride Heat Treated Muzzle Brake controls muzzle impulse for ultimate accuracy and an unbelievably soft recoil.  Comes complete with a Nitride Heat Treated Collar and five (5) strike prongs.

Muzzle Brake 6
  • 20. Single-Piece Sling/Bi-pod Mount


    • 7.25", 10.5", 14.5", 16.5", and 18" heavy contour hand-lapped button twisted rifled, fluted to reduce weight and heat.

    • 4150 Mil-B-11595 chrome-moly-vanadium alloy (machine gun rated).

    • 70 Rockwell case hardened (Nitride) heat-treated "5R" polygonal barrels are 2x harder than MIL-SPEC and hammer-forged barrels.

    • Corrosion resistant, 10x thicker, and 10x harder than MIL-SPEC chrome lining.

    • POF-USA .75" (7.25" brl) and 1.5" muzzle devices.

    • 5.56x45 mm NATO (.223 Remington) chamber.

    Method of Operation

    • Gas Piston operated, rotating bolt (short stroke system).

    • 3-position gas system for normal, suppressed, and bolt-action operating modes.

    • C.R.O.S.™ (Corrosion Resistant Operating System) Nitride heat treated barrel, single-piece gas block, Nitride heat-treated gas plug, chromed gas piston, and NP3™ coated bolt carrier assembly (one-piece) all billet machined.

    Bolt & Carrier

    • Nickel plated 8620, integral keyed, steel bolt carrier (billet machined), heat treated/plated per MIL-SPEC.

    • Roller cam pin, NP3™ coated.

    • Chrome plated bolt, heat-treated to MIL-SPEC.

    Upper Receiver

    • POF-USA Modular Railed Receiver™ (M.R.R.™), free-floating handguard, monolithic top rail system, billet machined 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy.

    • 2-piece A3 flattop upper receiver.

    • Oversized heat-sink barrel nut.

    • Black Anodized charging handle.

    Lower Receiver

    • P415, GEN III billet machined 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy with integrated oversized trigger guard.

    • Ambidextrous bolt release lever machined into the lower receiver.

    • Drop-in, single-stage, 4.5 lb. non-adjustable trigger system.

    • Magpul™ MOE™ pistol grip.

    • KNS™ Precision anti-walk pins.

    • Ambidextrous selector switch.

    • NORGON ambidextrous magazine release.

    • Magpul™ CTR™ 6-position retractable buttstock.

    • Anti-tilt buffer tube with four drain holes for marine use.

    • Black Anodized, NP3™, or Olive Drab CeraKote™ finishes.


    • POF-USA free-floating Modular Railed Receiver™ (M.R.R.™).

    • Detachable handguard rail estate for large objective lens scopes.

    • ERGO™ ladder rail covers.

    • Single-piece sling/bi-pod mount.


    • 30-round Magpul™ PMAG™ polymer magazine included.

    Sights (optional)

    • POF-USA FTA-2005 snag-free front sight.

    • TROY™ flip-up front and rear sights.

    • Diamondhead® flip-up front and rear Combat Sights™.


    • 6.2 - 7.9 lbs. (empty)


    • All raw materials, heat-treats, platings/coatings, accessories, and component parts on our weapon systems are made 100% through U.S. owned and operated steel mills and manufacturers.

Action Lever
Stock Synthetic Green
Action Semi-Automatic
Stock Collapsible
Action Pistol
Stock 6-Position Black
Action Pivot Block
Stock Burnt Bronze Carbon Fiber
Action Single
Stock Carbon Fiber Charcoal Gray

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