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Product Reviews: Girsan MC1911SHC-G2 45ACP 5" Sport w/Rail, Chrome

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by chris k
Thursday 07 December, 2017
Awesome gun, not a single problem with rhis firearm. well worth the price.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
by michael charles w
Saturday 09 September, 2017
Fun shooter totally hate the rail, never found a need for it of my own. Great overall 1911 on a budget! Buds team does a great job picking the lesser known brand that provided quality shooting.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
by cliff w
Sunday 09 April, 2017
Love this gun.. use it for heavy load practice.. just to keep my hand in on the 45 Cals... usually I shoot 9mm... will perhaps use this for USPSA Single Stack competition in a year or so.. clean solid..great feel. It is far and away the pretty gun of my collection..

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
by David S
Thursday 10 November, 2016
Buds purchasing and shipping process was seamless. I received the firearm and upon inspection I noticed the firearm had two magazines instead of the one as advertised. The trigger tag was on the firearm and all the contents were in the box. The firearm appeared flawless and a very nice looking gun. It seemed to operate fine but has a real stout slide action. Fit and finish were nice. I didn't tear down the firearm but looked over what I could see. The FFL was also impressed with the firearm and commented on the quality of Turkish made firearms, The only somewhat disappointment was that the sights had no dots on them. I believe in the video they do, No big deal I can put them on but it was just something I noticed. And for the price who can complain. I haven't fired the firearm yet but from my initial impressions the firearm is a real value. Again I think buying at Buds is the best way to go. The FFL I use only charges me $20 so it really makes the purchase that much more of a value. I recommend Buds to all my friends and will purchase firearms from Buds in the future.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Mike P
Wednesday 20 July, 2016
I am a huge 1911 fan and for my money I like to get the best bang for my buck. I like inexpensive products that work or even surpass their more expensive counter parts. That's what the Girsan 1911's do. They surpass most if not all other 1911's in their price range. The fit and finish is great, the quality of parts they use are great. They shoot great and they are easy to customize. I would give Girsan a 6 star rating if I could, they are just that good. Once again Buds came through with a great product at a great price and as always great service.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
by James B
Wednesday 13 April, 2016
Purchased in December of 2015. I own other .45 caliber weapons, including a different 1911. This one, at $479 was less expensive, and out of the box, appeared built with tighter tolerances. The gun is a work of art for its detail and highly polished finish on the slide and barrel. First time out at the range, I did experience some issues with it including FTF and stove pipes. I thought it might be me, but as I shot my other .45, I had no issues. Long story short... I've been to the range several times since, each time putting more than 100 rounds through it with no further issues. I guess there was a slight "break in period" for this gun and there is some noticeable wear on the chromed barrel. Not enough to detract from it, but obviously enough to allow it to function very well. This is now one of my favorite guns to shoot, and I have no trouble carrying it in my shoulder holster, or being concerned that it won't work if/when I need it. I put several brands of ammunition through it, mixing it up to see how well it performs, and I'm pleased to say that it has taken everything I've given it. I've used brass casings, aluminum, steel... no problem. Ammo is from Federal, Winchester, Perfecta, Tul Ammo, Remington, American Eagle, and several different batches of reloads. I did like the walnut grips that it came with, but they were just a little uncomfortable for my hand size, so I opted to put a thinner plastic grip, and added a Pearce rubber finger groove insert. It's now very comfortable in my hand. The Novak sights are plain black with no dots or outline. Others have updated the front sight to fiber, but I see no need for this expense at the moment. If I do anything, I'll add a touch of paint. As mentioned, the gun is made with tight tolerances, leaving almost no light visible as one tries to look through the gun from back to front. For me, this is great. For someone who's going to be in dirt and sand, I'm not sure this is so good. The spring is strong and with the added force to overcome on the cam of the hammer, this is not an easy gun to rack. For someone with a weak wrist, this may be a concern, but can be overcome by cocking the hammer before trying to rack the slide. Because of this, I believe the recoil is very manageable, and I easily get consistent 5 inch or better groups at 25 yards. The only thing that I don't like on this particular gun is that the barrel link pin is smooth and I have to be careful when cleaning the gun because it does come out of the barrel link. Other than that, this is a beautiful and very durable weapon, and for the price, one of the best 1911-A buys available today. Of course, Buds was fantastic to buy from, and their warranty personnel were great to chat with and work with when I thought I was having a problem. They were there to do whatever I needed, no questions asked, and would have refunded my money. I'm thankful that I kept trying, and kept the gun. But, thank you Buds for another great purchase experience!

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 98 reviews)
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