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Kahr Arms CM4043 CM40 5+1 40S&W 3" Reviews


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by James R Wednesday 21 January, 2015
I've put about 250 rounds through this pistol so I feel pretty comfortable reviewing it now. Anybody looking at this pistol obviously wants a very small gun with a big punch and the CM40 definitely delivers. The gun was delivered quickly (thanks Buds) and arrived at my FFL in perfect condition with a light layer of oil. Initial cleaning was fairly painless but field-stripping was a bit of a pain. I'd watched some YouTube videos and was familiar with the process but I had a really difficult time removing the slide stop lever. I had the notches aligned and could feel it moving but it was just so tight I eventually had to tap it with a punch and hammer to get it completely removed. I've done it several times now and have the process down but Kahr, if you're listening, that's definitely something that needs to be improved. My first range session with the single included 5-rnd mag was flawless and I really mean flawless. I shot about 150 rounds (mixed hollow point and FMJ, Precision One ammo) and I didn't have a single issue. I was REALLY blown away by the accuracy. At 7 yards, I was easily shooting 3 or 4 inch groups (many of them smaller than that). The sights are great and I really like the single slot on the back sight. This is my first pistol with that type and sight and I like it so much I'm thinking about changing some of my other pistols. The trigger pull is definitely long but it breaks clean and has very little over-travel. My biggest gripe with the gun is the reset length. It's long. I mean really long. It seems like you almost have to let the trigger back out completely before it resets. I realize this is a CC weapon with no manual safety and I can deal with the long pull but why Kahr felt the need to engineer such a long reset is beyond me. It's not a deal-breaker (hey, this isn't a race gun) but it's definitely something you have to get accustomed to. Recoil is snappy but manageable. I'm not going to lie though... First time out, I shot about 150 rounds and was sort of dreading the last couple of magazines. To be so small, the gun feels good in my average-sized hand but I did end up getting a Hogue Handall Jr. and it really improved the overall feel and definitely helped with recoil. This is my first Kahr and overall, I'm really impressed with this little pistol. The price was great and with a DeSantis pocket holster, it makes for a perfect warm-weather CC pistol or an excellent backup gun. If you're in the market for a larger caliber "micro" pistol, you should definitely give this one a look.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by keith w Thursday 23 October, 2014
The gun itself arrived in perfect condition,flawless!!!,a true pocket rocket.Took it to the range ,after 50 rounds the only issue being a long trigger pull that I'm sure I'll get used to.Dont get me wrong it's not as much of a pleasure to shoot as my XD40 but all in all I'd recommend this pistol.

Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!
by Austin R Monday 06 October, 2014
I bought this pistol from Bud's two years ago and am very impressed with it. It was deemed my official Summer ccw to replace my g27 after i gave it a chance to prove it's reliability and function to me. Kahr reccomends a 200 round break in period. 3rd mag of it's life i had one FTF, immediately panicked thinking i had bought a lemon for it to have jammed so soon but kept in mind that she was only brand new. By now i have 700 or so rounds thru it due to semi routine practice with no hiccups since that one jam, and it'll shoot whatever rounds i feed it! Best trigger in my gun collection, love the sights, suuuuper thin for IWB, height and length are juust smaller than my open hand. I put a Hogue Handall Jr slip on grip($10) on it which i highly reccomend, especially if you, like me, do not carry with the extended mags or pinky extensions. I have no problem keeping my grip or managing recoil at all while shooting. If you're a recoil whiner or you're buying for a lady, get the 9mm version. If you're a man, get this one. The recoil is by no means light but neither is it at all unbearable. I've gotten pretty good at not letting it jump around in double taps/rapid fire. ALSO this gun was listed in this site for $405 when i bought it! For the price their asking now you might as well get em while the gettin's good

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Willem V Tuesday 02 September, 2014
Happy Camper with both CM40 & CM9....Thanks Buds!

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Brodie P Sunday 29 June, 2014
I am surprised that I don't really hear about these little Kahrs, as this is on of the only true pocket .40s that I am aware of. Make no mistake, this is a true pocket gun- I carry this pistol exclusively in my right front pocket with a Blackhawk! #3 in-the-pocket holster. It will print a little if you have small pockets, but even then, it is not obvious that it is a gun at all. While this gun is a pretty solid piece of metal and polymer, it does not feel particularly heavy in my pocket, and I soon forget about it after putting it in. As for the gun itself, it comes from the factory very oily and very tight. Took it to the range after doing nothing other than wiping the excess oil off the outside of the slide. I only had 60 rounds of FMJ and HP at the time, but it fed and fired all with absolutely no hiccups of any kind. Groupings were average at about 7 yards, but all within the target silhouette, and I attribute this more to my being unfamiliar with the firearm than anything else. The CM40 has basic white dot straight-eight sights, which I find better for quick and accurate targeting over more traditional three dot sights. The pistol only comes with one flush 5 round mag, but I also had ordered an extended 7 round mag as well. While only my pinky hangs off when using the flush mag, the weapon is jumpy when held like this. When I used the extended mag and was able to get a full grip, I had no problem keeping a hold of it at all. Admittedly, I was a little apprehensive about what the recoil was going to be like while I waited for the gun to arrive. This is a very small gun that shoots a fairly large round- I had done a little research online into the matter, but really was not able to find any definitive information. However, I was very pleasantly surprised upon taking it to the range. Recoil is very manageable, and while it is certainly more than my Sig P938, it has no painful snap or kick like my Polish P-64, XDS .45, or Ruger LCR .357. It is more like a firm shove, and if the range time I've had thus far is any indicator, I wouldn't have any problem putting hundreds of rounds through this at a time. That being said, it may be a little much for someone with small hands or little shooting experience. All in all, I am very pleased with this particular weapon, and would certainly recommend it, with its combination of reliability, power, concealability, and value. That being said, there was one quibble about this transaction. Simply put, Bud's took forever to get it to me. The last gun I ordered a little over a month ago took five days from purchase to arrival. This gun took 10 days just to ship. The same thing happened to my brother who ordered a gun a few weeks ago. Both of them were in .40. It seems to me that Bud's takes longer to complete these transactions because it is not as popular a caliber. So be forewarned if you are looking into this one or other .40 guns on this site.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Carlos L Wednesday 07 May, 2014
Bought this gun due to its small size and weight. Even though I have other subcompact guns for conceal carry purposes (Glock 27 and Taurus PT24/7 G2 compact 45 ACP) I would find myself attracted to my Taurus mini PT738 and carry it almost on daily basis. Though my PT738 is very comfortable I was always conscious about the small caliber I was carrying for self defense. However, I came across Kahr CM models and really like what they offered. I believe the Kahr CM40 is a small as it gets with a "high" caliber option to carry in pocket. This gun fits in my back pocket and it is very light. At the range and on my first 10 rounds I shot below bulls eye, however, I was able to hit bulls eye or closer on the following shots. I shot only about 30 rounds and my accuracy improved on my last rounds. I feel that accuracy will improved as I practice more with this little handgun. Recoil in gun is not that bad, I was expecting a worst experience, however, it is manageable and with time I can improve my shooting techniques on gun. This gun is a keeper. I had no FTE or FTF in my short experience at the range and it has already become my favorite. I was hesitant to buy gun due to some of the reported problems to eject or feed, however, before taking it to the range I racked the slide about 300 times and left the gun with slide open for one day to break in the gun. This is my first Kahr and would highly recommend it. For $338 you are getting a high quality and reliable gun. Buy it!

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 7 to 12 (of 27 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5   
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