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Ruger 3600 SR22 10+1 22LR 3.5" Reviews


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by Douglas P Saturday 12 November, 2016
My Lord what a superior little shooter. Even with my advanced years I'm able to shoot nice groupings for this old Maine man. Well made and easy to take down and put back together. I haven't had this much fun with a pistol in ages. Ruger has got a winner here. Just buy the SR22 and be happy. To quote a good man, "Life is Good."

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Greg A Tuesday 05 July, 2016
Overall, Poor Quality Control, but Good Customer Service from Ruger I bought this gun as a fun gun to shoot that would allow me to work on trigger control and accuracy with affordable ammo prices. I choose the SR22 due to the fact that it has a stainless steel barrel and is advertised by Ruger as working with a variety of ammunition - not just high velocity. (reference the video under SR22 Features at one minute and 33 seconds as found on: When I received the gun I was a little disappointed by the quality of materials. I also have a S&W shield that I paid exactly $11 dollars more for when buying them at the same time. It is a tight/solid gun compared to the SR22. Now, I know that you can\'t have a heavy stainless steel slide on a gun chambered in 22lr and expect it to cycle, but Ruger could have at least used a stainless steel guide rod in place of the plastic one that comes with the gun for that price. The main issue I have with the gun is poor quality control. When I first fired my weapon, it jammed CONSTANTLY! I took it home and inspected it after field stripping and found a sharp edge/lip where the feed ramp did not fully extend to the bottom of the barrel due to poor machining in the manufacturing process. The edge/lip was catching the tip of my round nose bullets and preventing them from entering the chamber. Each bullet had a distinctly visible notch where the bullet impacted this edge. I fixed this issue and it corrected my jamming problems. Being curious, I went to multiple gun stores and inspected multiple SR22 pistols for the same issue. I found a lot of variability even comparing brand new SR22%u2019s as they were sitting next to each other in the display cabinets. Differences that others could clearly see when only asked to look for differences in the feed ramps. This tells me that Ruger has poor quality control in this area. Furthermore, since there is a YouTube video explaining how to correct the issue, it is obviously a known problem. One may want to inspect their firearm for this issue before taking it home. Moving on. Now that the gun no longer jammed, I discovered additional issues that were previously unknown. While the bullets chambered flawlessly, they only fired 40-50% of the time. Yes, out of a ten round magazine 4 or 5 bullets failed to fire with a very light or nonexistent strike mark. Additionally, rounds that failed to fire were extremely difficult to extract and would take manual pressure on the outside of the extractor arm while manually cycling the slide multiple times. I ran through over 400 rounds of different ammunition with this frustration and multiple cleanings before contacting Ruger. Initially, I called and the person I spoke with gave me the canned answer of trying different ammunition and ensuring it was rated as high velocity. I explained that I had tried different ammunition and why I didn%u2019t feel it was an ammunition issue, but got nowhere. I did try a few more brands and then sent an email. I received a prompt reply and an invitation to send the gun back for inspection. I sent it back with a supplied shipping label and the gun was fixed and returned to me within a week, free of charge. The firing pin spring and the barrel were replaced (this one had a well machined ramp all the way up to the barrel, too). My guess is that the chamber was a little tight so that rounds were not fully chambered when the firing pin would hit. This would knock them fully into the chamber, but not ignite the round at times. Once seated in the chamber, but not discharged they were hard to extract without the rearward pressure from the round firing. It was frustrating, a hassle, and an additional expense on the part of Ruger that could be avoided by better quality control. However, Ruger stood behind their product and fixed the issues providing me with an overall good customer service experience. In the long run I now have a pistol I am pleased with and functions very well for the purpose it was purchased for.

Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!
by Gregory A. W Saturday 25 June, 2016
Picked up the Ruger 3600 SR22 on Friday from my FFL Dealer. Took it out to the range Saturday morning, shot over 100 rounds of CCI Mini-Mag 22LR 40 grain. No failures. Feels good in the hands. My wife loves it because their is virtually no kickback. Great taget-plinking gun.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by john s Tuesday 12 April, 2016
This was my first purchase with Buds.....Fast Shipping.... Great Gun and fun to shoot .....Thanks Buds

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by david c Saturday 13 February, 2016
Small gun, but still feels solid. Mine arrived with the larger grip installed, and it fits my hand pretty well. Also had the extensions installed on the two mags as well, which I also like. Simple to strip - I oiled the gun lightly prior to firing, and everything seems to work well. Ran a couple of mags of Geco semi-auto subsonics through it, and it ate them just fine. You really don't have to slap the mag in, just an extra push will do it. Sights are nice, pretty well dialed in, and it holds decent groups. Manually cocking the first round helps - all the rest will feel the same. If not, the first pull will seem excessively hard. Might be because I'm used to .22 rifles, but this thing is LOUD! That might actually be an advantage, given a surprise visit situation where you want to scare an invader. I bought this to use as a CCW, because I didn't want anything too heavy, and I wouldn't be compensating for recoil too much. Will fit well in a Wally-world/Crosman holster ( SAH02 ) for 8 bucks. If you can sew on a button, it should be easy to customize that holster for whatever your carry needs are (straps and buckles to be found an aisle or two over). For those with large hands, this might no be the gun for you - it IS small, nearly sub-compact, but it would be a good choice for instructing young-uns in the handling of handguns.. Ruger has never disappointed me - the SR22 seems to be a winner! (I am not affiliated with Ruger or Bud's in any way - just my $.02 worth)

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Robert W Friday 22 January, 2016
This Pistol is Great!!,the ergonomics are fantastic!! Fit and Finish are excellent;Ruger out did themselves on this pistol Thanks to everyone at Buds.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
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