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S&W Sigma SW9VE 9mm Black/Stainless Reviews

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by MIKE D Thursday 29 March, 2012
I was very disappointed in the sigma, it felt like a toy . Extremely long trigger pull and so lightweight it is hard to feel in your hand.

Rating: <span itemprop="ratingValue">1 of 5 Stars!</span> [1 of 5 Stars!]
by Christopher W Tuesday 20 March, 2012
Very nice gun for the price, I will be purchasing the 40cal next month. Although I will agree extremely long trigger pull, and very stiff. Maybe not for a male, but my wife of 5ft 7in and 125lbs said it was very hard to pull the trigger, she also stated that racking a round was almost impossible for her. If you are a petite female I would not recommend this gun as a CCW. But I will say it fires quite nicely without any jams so far, will update further when I have pumped a few thousand rounds through it.

Rating: <span itemprop="ratingValue">4 of 5 Stars!</span> [4 of 5 Stars!]
by Klayton P Thursday 15 March, 2012
I would put this gun against any Glock out there. This thing is a tac driver. I couldn't believe the groups I was getting at 15 yards with this. I am X military and I own literally a dozen hand guns.This is by far one of my favorite carr all the time guns. My only gripe is the expensive mags. $35 mags for a $289 hand gun? Common. Buy this gun. Why not. You'll love it.

Rating: <span itemprop="ratingValue">5 of 5 Stars!</span> [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Robert S Saturday 10 March, 2012
I love this gun. I have several hand guns but I have to say this gun feels great in my hand and shoots GREAT. Have told all my friends about it and you should be getting more business. I'm saving for the 40 now. Thanks again, I have bought several guns from you in the past, great service, I will be coming back for the Sigma 40. I have shot 200 rounds through it with out a single jam. It took the complete center out of my targets at 10 yards. Can't say enough about the gun. Can't wait to shoot it again. My turret press is really going to be busy.

Rating: <span itemprop="ratingValue">5 of 5 Stars!</span> [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Khadidra r Wednesday 29 February, 2012
After being robbed at gun point, I purchased the S&W Sigma. A lot of my friends and family was saying that it would be to powerful for me, I stand at 5'5 and about 130lbs. But, I am happy to say that they were wrong. After taking a safety course so that I could become familer with the weapon because I never shot nor held a gun a day in my life. I knew that I made the right choice. It was not to powerful at all. The only problem that I have is that, I wanted it to be my primary self-defense weapon. But, since i like to wear tight clothing, it is a little to big to carry. So, I am n ow in the market for something smaller, but it will still be from the S&W family.

Rating: <span itemprop="ratingValue">5 of 5 Stars!</span> [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Greg H Friday 24 February, 2012
Awesome service and speed from Bud's. Very impressed!! I now have a preferred FFL dealer right down the street too! (could be dangerous for my wallet) This handgun is extremely comfortable and accurate. It strips down in 3 seconds and is easy to clean and reassemble for anyone. It's a perfect CCW weapon and the long trigger pull is actually good for that purpose. I am very happy with the pistol and even happier with Bud's. You got a customer for life guys.

Rating: <span itemprop="ratingValue">5 of 5 Stars!</span> [5 of 5 Stars!]
Displaying 19 to 24 (of 173 reviews) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
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