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S&W Model S&W500 Reviews


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by Torivio L Saturday 27 September, 2014
Bought early this year, but never got around to writing a review for it. Thanks Buds for the great prices and service! This is one Hell of a revolver! Pictures do not give justice to what a behemoth of a pistol it is. I laughed when I first laid my eyes on it when I picked it up at the gun shop. I thought, "What the hell did I get myself into."A definite head turner and a conversation piece with every range trip. Guaranteed to knock the rust off of any metal shed you may be shooting from. I ran Hornady 300 gr though it and worked my way up to 350 gr to 400 gr to the T-Rex 700 gr. (really puts a toll on the hand after 50 rounds of 700 gr in a session). Absolutely love this revolver!

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Derek W Sunday 06 April, 2014
I bought mine about 2 months ago and absolutely love it. Its definitely not a beginners gun, which is why there are so many used ones for sale, but the recoil isn't bad for what it is. The weight and the compensator do a fantastic job of taming it. I've shot 300 and 500 grain Hornady jacketed bullets through it and a few 375 grain I cast myself. The only ones that really beat me up are the 500, but again, it's not bad considering you're throwing 500 grains down range at 1450 fps. The only downside I can see is it's not an indoor range gun. Unless you don't mind having your organs rearranged from the concussion and shooting by yourself. I guess that could be a good thing too. My son and I cleared out the local gun range yesterday after about the 5th shot. Apparently some people don't shoot well when the guy next to them is rattling their eyeballs in their sockets and knocking 20 year old dust out of the ceiling on them. I have to say though, I had to conceal the ear to ear grin when I heard things like "What the hell are they shooting over there???". Ammo for it is still hard to come by, but unless you burn $50 bills for heat you'll be reloading anyway. I highly recommend it to anyone that's into big bore handguns.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by GREGORY K Sunday 23 March, 2014
Arrived quickly, new as advertised. Heavy hand cannon with interchangeable compensators for copper racketed bullets and lead cast bullets, Hi Vis front sight, adjustable rear and padded rubber pistol grip.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Michael L Sunday 26 January, 2014
I LOVE this gun. Shooting it at the range will make everyone else stop at look. If they don't stop when they see it when you shoot it they will. What a gun. No regrets and Buds was great as always. They layaway option keeps me a repeat buyer.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Joshua T Sunday 22 September, 2013
This is the most beautiful and favorite firearm I now own. Don't let the recoil from videos scare you out of buying this gun. I have an extreme disability in both my hands and can shoot this gun with ease. I just shot 300gr and 350gr mag loads and it doesnt hurt or sting my hand like my snub nose 357 does. It has however made my hand tingle like its asleep, and i love it! BUDSGUNSHOP's price is $150-$200 cheaper than anybody i found. Not to mention they couldn't even get it for months at best. Shipping speed was fast, but the electronic check process took 8-9 days before shipped. A little disappointed there.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Jr D Tuesday 13 August, 2013
Hell of a gun!!! Got it shot it loved it. There is this one guy always showing off his 44 magnum and bragging at this range I go to in garland texas so I had enough and whipped out this monster and shot it people stop shooting to watch the fireworks happen long story short the guy left all pissed off lol the lesson of the story is the S&W .500 Magnum will shut up the fools and claim KING of the throne where ever you are!!! Buy it!!! It's beautiful powerful and BOSS!!! Great service buds thumbs up. P.s. this .500 Magnum makes my .50AE Desert Eagle look like a toy :(

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 13 to 18 (of 40 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...   
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