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by Bruce W Sunday 14 January, 2018
Highly recommended product. I've used a Hawkeye borescope on many rifles to diagnose groove cutting defects, rifling and lead wear, chamber cut finish, gas tube hole burrs, fouling, etc. I've found this all-optical boresight to give very good images, but also to be difficult to use because you need to get your eye down behind the boresight eyepiece as you slide the boresight back and forth down the barrel. I've always found this process to be awkward and uncomfortable. Plus there was no easy way to digitally record images. I used my smartphone camera but the process was very time consuming. I read some reviews on the Lyman digital boresight that complained about glare in the images making the rifling detail difficult to see. I waited for the mfr to get the bugs worked out and bought mine in Jan 2018. First I used the borescope to inspect a 7 WSM rifle that I had earlier inspected using the Hawkeye borescope. The magnification of both borescopes was similar. While the resolution of the Lyman borescope wasn't quite as good, I had no difficulty seeing the same rifling details that I had observed with the Hawkeye. I inspected two other barrels, a .223 Rem and a .308 Rem, both of which were chrome lined. I could easily tell the difference between carbon and copper fouling. Also, I didn't notice any glare problems with the illumination on the Lyman borescope in a clean barrel. The Lyman boresight is much easier to use than the Hawkeye. I was able to position the display near the muzzle and watch both the display and the borescope position and angle as I slid the borescope down the barrel. The Hawkeye borescope is a very well engineering and manufactured optical instrument. While the Lyman borescope does not have quite the same build quality, it is neither a toy or nor a fragile product. I could find only a few nits: the tube is not as straight or stiff as the Hawkeye. However, this is not a critical feature with a digital borescope. While the Lyman display doesn't have as a high a resolution as the Hawkeye, the resolution is adequate to do 95% of the tasks a recreational shooter or gunsmith would need to do with it. You can't inspect .177 caliber barrels. The length of the borescope is only 20" long, so you can only inspect longer barrels if you can insert the borescope from the breech. This is not possible with some lever action and semi-auto rifles (Ruger mini-14, M1A, etc). For the price, the Lyman borescope is a bargain.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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