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Taurus 444SS6 M444 Raging Bull 6RD 44MAG 6.5" Reviews


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by Tristan W Wednesday 26 March, 2014
Love the look and finish of the gun and it seems to be built pretty sturdy. Only thing is make sure that while the cylinder is open that you can't cock the hammer back. Unfortunately mine had that flaw so I'm sending it back to Taurus tomorrow. Taurus takes very good care of their customers so they made it a painless process. Shame on me for not checking thoroughly. That aside, put the Pachmyr grips on that Bud's recommends and its a nice, hefty package ready to take on any Bear that comes your way. P.S. Even with the open cylinder flaw, gun still functions as it should so reliability isn't a question.

Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!
by Gregory P Saturday 25 January, 2014
I bought this gun in 2013. The price was great, not to mention you can't source this gun locally anywhere. When I received the gun, it looked like it had been sitting in the back of Bud's warehouse for a very long time. It was that one box that other boxes fell on, or it was run over by a forklift... repeatedly and then put back on the shelf like no one would notice. The box was mangled and one end was completely ripped open. The gun itself did NOT look new. The vent ribs were stuffed full of carbon. I have no idea how that would even happen but it did. Very tedious to clean all of that out. The oil that was put in by the factory was dried up, staining the internals and part of the body a nice brown. It came off with a lot of scrubbing (NOT something I want to do to a stainless gun). Eventually I greased everything up and cleaned it thoroughly. So after I got my "new" gun in working order, it functions flawlessly. Cylinder lock up is very tight except for one chamber is slightly wobbly, not enough to make me send it back at this point. The trigger is crisp and cocking the hammer, after having grease worked through the internals, is so smooth it just sends chills up my spine every time I do it. The gun came dead on. At 30 feet I'm punching holes inside of holes. The ports on the end of the barrel do a great job of helping tame the recoil, and the grip is comfortable enough to shoot a 50 pack without tiring or bruising your hands. Overall I am very satisfied with this gun, especially since I know if anything ever happens to it I can send it back and get it fixed/replaced. I consider this one a lifetime investment. With the price of 44 mag ammo being anywhere from $1.00 -$1.25 per bullet, I would recommend learning to reload. Once you shoot this gun you will be addicted. I'm rating Buds 2 stars for the condition of the gun and box and 2 week lead time. This was my first purchase from them. I'm willing to give them another shot when I'm looking for a new firearm.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by jarrod s Friday 14 September, 2012
Fast shipping bu buds. Some rough patches over all but gun cleaned up really well.. Shoots great not one problem. Trust me guys do not waste money on a redhawk or smith because of the name, I have been shooting 340 grain BBore rounds that can kill cape buffalo at hogs just to see what happens and this gun is built strong and eats them up no problem. Gun is weighty but helps with recoil and if I am going to spend I want a little weight to help steady my shot. No need for the .454, any 300 grain .44 will get it done on almost any animal less the big five and you can step up to the 340 I use or 400 grain to hunt them too. In the end Taurus revolvers do not get the braging rights like redhawk or smith but look awsome and shoot like a $800 gun. Give it a chance and show up to range and turn some heads, I polished mines with some 800 then 1000 and 2000 grit and people alwasy come over and ask what the hell is that, lol run a little oil and your good even in the rain. I use a motor oil mix to coat in and out and smooth as butter any way I can go all day but you get the point, keep shooting.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by travis b Thursday 06 September, 2012
Ordered gun Friday am Monday was a holiday picked gun up wed. Can't ask for better service thx buds gun shootts great dosent kick too bad considering it's a a .44 its heavy so there's your recoil reduction. Only negative thing I have is the rear sight is plain black as is the front was thinking it would be the white box rear sight and dot front and I don't think its cchangable so that's a bummer still 5 star gun tho

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by mark m Sunday 12 February, 2012
great gun love it!!!!! very powerful!!!!

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Dante C Tuesday 07 February, 2012
I like this Stainless Taurus Raging Bull, and other Taurus handguns. But, their products are hit or miss lately. Just like the one I received, it's supposed to be brand new. But, looks used coz' there's a lot of scratches. I don't want to return it and spend extra for the shipping. So, decided to sell it and buy a new Smith and Wesson 629 locally.

Rating:     2 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 7 to 12 (of 24 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4   
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