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Rock Island 51429 Rock Standard CS Single 45 ACP 3.6 7+1 Black Rubber Grip Bla Reviews


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by Rocky L Saturday 20 January, 2018
Ok, first off it is a 1911 under $500 dollars. It fires EVERY time, shoots straight, never jams, what more could you ask for? This is the gun I conceal carry when I don't want to carry my revolver. This gun will run any Mag but I am using Kimber and Wilson in it. Bud's as usual was flawless with shipping and delivery.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Greg F Tuesday 14 November, 2017
Always wanted an Officers Model so this was the right price. Have heard the hype about RIA 1911\'s and made my move. Really, a handsome pistol. parkerized finish is nice. Always liked the look of this and although it\'s not the best finish for a pistol, I like the matte non-glare look of it. I had some Pachmayr black wood grips with the medallion and they really look great on it. Like another reviewer noted, the corners of the mainspring housing are indeed sharp. I took the nail file on a Swiss Army knife and managed to take care of that issue well enough although it did take the finish off the tiny corners. The biggest gripe I have with this pistol is the thumb safety. It\'s sharp on the flat part of the safety that it hurts the inside of the base of your thumb. It\'s really something you should be able to overlook but, I tell you, it hurts. I see the problem being that the part itself is a tad too long where it extends out to the edge of the frame. I\'ll either file that down or get another safety. I contacted RIA but, they didn\'t see this as a warranty issue. I beg to differ as IMO they shouldn\'t leave the factory like that where they hurt the inside base of your thumb. 1911\'s have been around for far so long that a manufacturer should have the basics down like this thumb safety. Not a fan of the takedown procedure like others have noted. However, with practice it\'s a non issue. Otherwise I really like this pistol. Haven\'t even used the included (one) Act magazine. I\'m using SS Mec-Gar mags which IMO are overlooked by many. Using ball ammo for break in I\'ve fired about 300 rounds without and FTF\'s or other hiccups. The all black sights are themselves decent enough but, if one were so inclined, you could easily make them 3 dots with DuraCoat\'s DuraGlo Night Sight Paint. Search for it. The rear sights on this RIA have 2 dot indentations which you could easily turn into 2 glowing white, green or orange dots. Then a dab on the front sight and now you have glow in the dark phosphorescent sights! I may just do this on the front sight alone. After I do this I\'d really like to make this a two-tone pistol with a hard chrome frame and black slide. Yeah, I\'m adding to the overall cost but, I believe this pistol begs for a few mods to make it a little jewel of a gun. I\'m happy with my purchase. I had a few glitches with my order but, Bud\'s folks made it right. In fact, I joined Bud\'s Team. Bottom line? A very good pistol. Not perfect but, I didn\'t expect a sub $500 1911 to be! I appreciate RIA not stamping the slide and keeping the looks fairly sterile. I\'ll be doing more purchases with Bud\'s and most likely purchase another RIA too! Remember, these RIA\'s are not $4000 Wilson Combat pistols. They make cheap 1911\'s and by \"cheap\" I mean in price only. You do get a good pistol at a pretty good price. I recmommend them.

Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!
by jack b Sunday 29 October, 2017
Besides being a compact, purchased for: (1) own a full size RIA 45 & 38 super in 1911 & very satisfied (2) equal to others costing a grand (3) steel receiver (4) fits GI mags & parts. Almost spent another $80 for tactical version with adjustable sights & glad I did not. As a "righty" no need for abi safety & with a brass punch, slid the rear dove tail sight to dead on. Great hitting accuracy for short barrel even though muzzle velocity suffers. Recoil about equal to full size 1911. Functioned flawlessly from break in to about 800 rounds when recoil spring showed signs of weakness (wild ejections; feed jams on last round). Replaced with Wilson Combat recoil spring. A slight stiffer pull on the slide to rack a round but brass now ejects 3 o'clock at 3 feet. Not a bad idea to replace every 1000 rounds anyway.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Tim N Saturday 15 July, 2017
5 star rating because I've had a Rock or 2 in the past and anticipate less than perfection. Buds perfect tho. Cleaned gun up really well. I polished with Flitz immediately barrel exterior everywhere and feed ramp. Range using a WC mag 2nd shot failed rtb, bumped back, finished mag fine. And that was it, 250 deep so far and just that one hiccup. It's a nice piece, Its a RIA, its not gonna win any best in shows, but for bouncin in the glove box, winter carry, and just fun to plink with, its nice, and pretty accurate. its a nice reliable gun. The bad: The main spring housing is for me insanely uncomfortable at the bottom. sharp and hits me right in a tender spot. I filed smooth until I get around to replacing it. Sights useless, so I painted rear sight dots white, and front orange, it works for me. All in all a good buy. RIA puts out a good product, clean it, break it in, and it will do what it is expected to do, go bang.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Stephen L Friday 14 July, 2017
I was so reluctant to buy a RIA pistol....How can this be worth a DAMN??? Well for its price it is outstanding, the fit and finish is better than can be expected as is its performance. It out shoots me, it is more than sufficiently accurate. First trip to the range it shot 250 rounds of UMC Ball without cleaning. It fed and fired each one just as it should. Buds got it too me right on time. My friends you just cannot ask for more than that!!

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Jacob C Thursday 11 May, 2017
Great gun for the money very pleased so far shot about 200 rounds through it without any issues and it's surprisingly accurate with the shorter barrel and buds was fantastic!

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 35 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...   
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