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Kel-Tec PF-9 PF-9 7+1 9mm 3.1" Reviews

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by Gregory H Thursday 26 April, 2012
Buds was great but shipping took longer than I thought. My FFL gun shop was closed friday and the weekend. Gun was shipped USPS but I probably should have asked for UPS. Gun arrived on a thursday but didnt get it until the next thursday. Cleaned the pf9 and took it out to shoot the next day. Didnt have any malfunctions or failure to feeds, but the mag did pop down once when I racked a round in the chamber. Shot 100+ rounds to break in and it does have more recoil than I like. Trigger is too close to the guard and you must press the mag release to reload a mag. Not bad, but my look for another EDC weapon.

Rating:     3 of 5 Stars!
by jeffrey w Monday 23 April, 2012
Love the size and weight. Accuracy at 7 yards decent; but dont feel confident in controling accuracy after 7 yards. 600 rounds firing pin went out. Could be 8 weeks in shop. Great price moderate gun.

Rating:     3 of 5 Stars!
by Matthew H Sunday 04 March, 2012
I picked this up from my FFL on 3/3/12 and took it straight to my local range. Now, I've read all the reviews on this site as well as others, and it was hard to gauge what people thought of this gun. You either love it or hate it; it jams constantly or has no issues; it's a great concealed carry, or you wouldn't chance your life on it. That's the gist of the reviews I've seen. After much reservation and even thinking I'd refuse the transfer and send back to Bud's, I opted to keep it. After all, at the end of the day it was only $232. After putting 100 rds (WWB and UMC) through it right out of the box, I thought I made the one of the biggest mistakes of all time. Jam-city with FTE happening every few shots, and it never locking back on completion of a magazine. I took it home and cried myself to sleep. Well, not really, but I did do more reading and head-scratching. I wasn't about to do the "fluff and buff" that the Kel-Tec forum recommends, so I opted to give it a good cleaning instead. In addition, I used a high-quality grease on the rails. Now, I probably should have done this BEFORE taking it to the range, but I've never had to with any Glock or Springfield I own, so I took my chances. Today (3/04/12), I took it back to the range, and what a difference! Not one single failure using PMC ammo. Not once did the slide fail to lock back. Nothing. It's like someone swapped out my gun while I was asleep. I'm going to chalk up the issues I had to the gun not being properly cleaned, and perhaps a bit of limp-wristing when shooting (this gun demands proper technique). So, overall I'm pretty happy for the price. One thing that I can say with 100% certainty, as others have on here, is that this is NOT a range gun. You will go home a bruised and broken man (or woman) after firing off a hundred rounds or so. I have little nicks on my strong hand between the thumb/index finger and my trigger finger feels like hot garbage. The mousgunner and hickok45 reviews experienced similar pains. That said, I give it 4 out of 5 and have complete confidence in this weapon for EDC.

Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!
by Kevin F Tuesday 14 February, 2012
Another great weapon from Kel-Tec! No problems to report. All rounds go down range in a tight group. This weapon could be the best 9mm value in the open market. Also, it's so small it hides away from plain sight with the greatest of ease. I.e., summertime shorts, tanktop, & flip flops w/ a 9mm in the waistband. Nobody has a clue?

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by James B Monday 06 February, 2012
This gun is worth every penny!!!! Put 200 rounds through it both winchester and federal ammo with no failures! So small and lightweight I actually forget I am wearing it for my concealed carry. Shoots very accurate. Transaction with Bud's was fast and painless as always!

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Dan U Sunday 05 February, 2012
When I saw this gun on sale I snatched it right up, after waiting for 3 months for my local gun dealer to NOT get it in. I was impressed with the gun when I first got it and couldn't wait to take it to the range. The only "range" ammo I put through it was the cheap Wal Mart Federal stuff (I had no desire to spend extra money on what SHOULD be dirt cheap ammo). If I recall, the first range outing didn't have any jams. Aside from the grip tearing my hand apart from sharp edges (which I subsequently knocked off with sand paper), the gun did not seem, to me, to be all that accurate. I couldn't hit a grouping at 10 yards consistently. I had to drift the rear sight since the front sight didn't even LOOK like it was centered on the slide. After that, the gun was still not all that accurate (for me). I'm accurate with every other gun I have, just not the PF9. Reliability, at first, seemed great. The next range outing, I experienced what could only be described as a life ending jam. The slide would recoil without the casing, strip the next round out of the magazine, jamming it into the casing still in the chamber. Needless to say, the ONLY way to clear this jam is to manually lock the slide back, physically rip the magazine out (because of the half-fed round), and manually clear the chamber of the casing. I thought it was maybe due to limp wristing (which I don't do), but that wouldn't exactly explain why the extractor was failing to get a hold of the round in the first place. I had read online that maybe it was due to a weak extractor, but I personally felt that the sheer design of the extractor was a flaw in and of itself, making it not able to apply as much pressure as an internal rocking extractor, like that found on a Glock, HK, 1911, etc. After the next outing, with more life-ending jams, I decided to sell it. I didn't want to deal with a "new extractor" since I felt the design was inherently unreliable. However, the PF9 you get may not have any of these issues (I hope, for your sake).

Rating:     3 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 37 to 42 (of 73 reviews) Result Pages: ... 6  7  8  9  10 ...   
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