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Beretta 92FS Italian 15+1 9mm 4.9" Reviews


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by Greg P Tuesday 14 February, 2017
I've always liked the Beretta 92 series. As a 6 kid watching the first episode of Magnum, PI in 1980 I knew I had to have a Beretta when I saw Tom Selleck pull one out. Over the years I've been through several variants. First an old Taurus PT92 (ok, not really a Beretta, but made with their old tooling) 10 or 15 years ago to an M9, a 92A1, and now finally the classic Italian made 92FS. They're solid and well built. Big and heavy for sure, but that's what gives them so little recoil.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by nelson v Friday 03 February, 2017

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Darren P Friday 27 January, 2017
A quick review for anyone thinking about buying. A great platform with a few conditions. Lots of plastic parts. I was issued one in the 80s and bought a couple in the 90s so I was surprised. For $70 you can get it back to all metal. This means trigger, guide rod, safety/decocker and mag release. The lanyard loops is also plastic, metal out of stock right now everywhere. I don't know, for this price I'd like to see key parts be metal. My first 92 cost $329 and was all metal, I guess we can't live in the past. Perfect function and reliability. I put 200 rounds of four major manufacturers including JHP, nothing close to a malfunction. Magazines are all nice, I like the aftermarket MECGAR 20 round I got through Wilson. Trigger. Out of the box very heavy but can be easily and cheaply fixed by the average home gunsmith. I did a full disassembly and stoned/polished all contact surfaces; then added a D-spring. If you stop there for $20 or so you will have a fantastic improvement. Per Wilson, I would not go below 16# hammer spring for a defensive gun. It fired 100% with various primers. Accuracy. 100% in a (small) chest size target 10-25 yards and was hitting clay pigeons out to 30 yards 4/5 times. So I was pretty happy. I was out in a snowfall bundled up like an Eskimo, I am not the metric for good shooters. Elevation of fixed sights right on, windage off to the left some. It would be wonderful if they zeroed this in at the factory. I recommend the Wilson left side only slim profile decocker. I have never accidentally engaged the safety in 30 years but this is an easy drop-in and makes it less likely. I also installed the Wilson extended mag release which is nice but totally unnecessary. There are G conversion options out there, I like the FS mode. This is an extremely easy gun to work on. The gun store commandos, Hickock and others complain frequently about the trigger and safety. I think this is greatly exaggerated and also easily and cheaply modified with only a modest level of skill required. YouTube shows how to do everything. Finally, you may meet a guy who was a SEAL or knew a SEAL or saw a TV show about SEALS who will tell you Berettas frequently blow up in soldiers' faces. The government data on this issue is available free online, check it out for yourself. Thirty years, tens of thousands of rounds, no problems here. A strong recommend for this proven and elegant design.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Kyle W Thursday 17 November, 2016
Ive wanted a Beretta 92FS for a very long time so once i put my order in i was very exited. Upon inspection at my FFL it looked beautiful did my normal inspection of finish, function, bore seemed all top notch. I had 2 other firearms to inspect so i moved to them and put the Beretta aside. Once i got home i prepared to clean the factory mess of grease/oil/test rounds. I noticed i missed something on my Beretta to my dismay the crown was just slightly off center. Nothing you could notice at a glace but it was off by about 0.7mm(guess). Called Beretta immediately i talked to Michael if i remember right sent in pictures of the crown. They agreed it was off and sent me a label because they have to head space the new barrel. I myself have never heard of a hand gun needing head space but whatever i want my 24hour old gun fixed. During my talk with Micheal i asked if my barrel would be replaced with the correct Italian version. As there is a CLEAR difference from the American and Italian barrels IE the chrome crown and proof marking on the Italian barrel. Well i got mono tone who cares about your gun answer \"it will be replaced with what ever is on hand\". You can tell they are burnt out on there job not even a sorry for whats wrong. Could of all this of been skipped if i had noticed this problem before i did my background check? Of course.... did i call buds after i got done with Beretta yes as i purchased there lifetime warranty for my new Beretta. Told them the problem knowing there was not much they could do. But they did offer to call Beretta on my behalf but i declined. as i didn\'t know if it was going to be replaced with a USA or Italy barrel. well at the time of typing this i had just talked with Beretta and it a DA#^ USA barrel. I asked if i could at least get a free mag as my dream handgun was now no longer a true Italian 92FS. Like i had payed for NOPE we can only do whats in our terms of service. 110% poor customer service never seemed to care about my problem. Can never do anything other then the bare minimum. Buds at least wanted to try and help even tho it really wasn\'t there problem. At this point i don\'t even know if id buy another Beretta as to just avoid EVER having to use there support again...

Rating:     1 of 5 Stars!
by Gary T Friday 08 July, 2016
"To receive the discount price saving 18 bucks I sent in a money order. It still took only 7 days to receive the handgun. Was concerned about the Bruniton finish. It arrived well oiled, nice finish, and had two mags. The Beretta 92FS is one of my dream guns. Just had to spend 50 bucks more to get "Made in Italy" stamped on it. My third purchase from Buds. I am also a member of Team Buds. Got some brass plated 9mm ammo coming from Freedom Munitions. Can't wait to go to the range!"

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Brandon S Sunday 29 November, 2015
This was my first purchase from buds that lead to a handful of more buys but this was my second pistol owned and my favorite 9mm.... I have the 30 round mags that make it a lot of fun at the range. Anyone that knows pistols know this gun is top 5 and believe me it is an accurate and durable gun. #budsbestgunshop

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 31 to 36 (of 102 reviews) Result Pages: ... 6  7  8  9  10 ...   
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