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Ruger 5303 Super Redhawk Alaskan KSRH-2 6RD 44MAG 2.5" Reviews


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by Griffin M Friday 08 September, 2017
The absolute best large frame revolvers made are the Ruger super RedHawks if you want to hunt get the model with a longer barrel if you just want to make sure that a bull doesn't get you at the farm or if you're a hike or in the woods it'll take a grizzly bear down with ease it will take anything out there that could hurt you down with ease using the buffalo bore .340gr .44mag + P + Hard Cast Flat Nose which only certain models can fire that heavy of a round with the powder charge of Ruger large frame models will Except the post 2005 vaquero but as for this pistol 100% the best very accurate and gets the job done in one shot one drop

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by John W Sunday 03 September, 2017
I just love this piece of artwork sculpted out of a solid chunk of stainless steel , beautiful just love it . and being a 44 magnum the most powerful handgun in the world , wait a minute did I just say that ? well it used to be ! haha but this gun is impressive to hold , shoot and own . It is very accurate for a big caliber with a short barrel .. Thank You BUDS !! John

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Jeremy M Tuesday 08 August, 2017
Five star review for a five star gun. I love most things in .44 magnum with the Alaskan being high on that list. This thing is built like a tank and I'm certain it will outlast several generations of shooters. Many people think that it would experience heavy recoil because of the short barrel, but are quite surprised after shooting it. Even the heaviest of .44 mag loads are easily managed by this short barreled heavyweight. Longer barrels definitely provide better ballistics in the .44 magnum, but they aren't nearly as fun to shoot. If you're considering one of these, just get it.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Kevin L Sunday 07 May, 2017
What a BEAST! I LOVE this gun!! I have been salivating over this revolver for some time and finally pulled the trigger on it (pun intended). There is something about a 6lb hand cannon with a 2 inch barrel in your hands that gives you a sense of security and bad assness :-) I actually hit a 10" AR500 steel gong from 88 yards with this revolver when messing around right outta the box (out of 10 shots) and took down a 120lb sow at 10yrds with it right between the eyes. The sow dropped dead in it's tracks and barely even twitched shooting 225gr hollow points. Not only is this gun beautiful, but super functional!

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Phil W Friday 13 January, 2017
This is without a doubt my favorite hand gun. Built like a tank, feels so solid that I know it is one I will be able to pass down to next generations. The grip feels perfect and absorbs loads that would make other guns fear. I highly recommend he Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan 44 mag. Buds got this pistol to me in 8 days and arrived perfectly.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by John E Thursday 17 March, 2016
Great looking revolver purchased on Bud's lay a way plan, (my 4th purchase on this plan)! It's a perfect match for the Ruger Alaskan 454 I got last month, after all you need both, right. Bright satin finish, everything looks straight, and the action is as smooth as snot on glass. Very fair price on a solid, solid revolver that looks like it will be in service for several generations of my family. Top marks for Ruger products, if you what quality look no further then a pistol in this caliber.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 37 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...   
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