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Kahr CW4043 CW40 6+1 40S&W 3.6\" Reviews

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by Jeff L Wednesday 21 March, 2012
After owning this gun a little over a year and having put well over 1,000 rounds through it I am selling it to a friend for 200.00 who is confident he can get it to work. THE GOOD: When a round is ALREADY in the chamber, if you pull the trigger on a good round it will fire, the casing will eject properly, and a new round will load. Only maybe once or twice did I have a failure to feed under these circumstances. THE BAD: If you're a civilian who does not like to carry with one in the chamber, this gun is probably not for you. First, I found out after I bought this that instead of just using the "slingshot" method to chamber a round from the magazine, the manufacturer recommends the following method: 1) Eject the loaded magazine, pull the slide back and lock it into place with the slide stop, insert the magazine, release the slide using the slide stop. If a bad guy is running at you such an arduous loading method is obviously not practical. 2) When I try to use the slingshot method to chamber a round 90% of the times the round will get stuck 1/2 way up the feed ramp. (this happens with FMJ's and not just HP's). 3) If you pull back the slide to eject a round, it will get stuck in the ejection port and you will have to pry it out. I noted that the ejection port is only a hair longer than the length of an unfired cartridge. 4) The first time I tried to reassemble the gun after cleaning I found out how easy it is to bent the slide stop spring. (you can google this; it's a known issue. That wasn't a huge deal because I bent it back and figured out how to re-insert the slide stop lever consistently without damaging the spring. 5) Last but not least, after reassembling the gun and having the slide travel "roughly", I took it to my FFL who showed how unlike other guns like Glocks and Springfields, the slide spring has to be oriented a certain way. As he put it, "the end of the pig tail has to be on top (towards the slide) and facing forward. Putting in the spring back in any other way may result in sub-optimal function. Before anyone starts telling me how I'm an idiot or didn't do this or didn't to that; 1) I know about the hundreds of rounds one is supposed to put through the gun before the warranty even kicks in. I have put over 1,000 rounds through this. 2) I know how some people say you've got to polish the hell out of the feed ramp, the slide, etc. Basically polish everything on the gun. I clean the gun regularly and I use good brass-case ammo. BUT I WILL NOT POLISH A GUN THAT SHOULD ALREADY WORK. My Glock doesn't give me these problems, nor does my S&W Bodyguard 380, nor does my Springfield XDM. I'm not trying to universally bash Kahr, I've heard nothing but great things about the "K" (steel frame) and "P" (polymer frame) guns. Before I bought this gun though I had read reviews that indicated the CW40 can be "hit-or-miss" in terms of quality and relability. Apparently I got one of the lemons. I give this two stars because if you carry with a round in the chamber and never worry about storing it with a round in the chamber then this gun might be fine for you. But for a civilian who is constantly chambering a round upon leaving the house, then clearing the weapon upon returning home, this was a bad choice. (PS even if you carry with a round in the chamber what happens if you get a bad round and have to eject it? Better get ready to use the gun as an impact weapon when that bad round gets stuck in the ejection port.)

Rating:     2 of 5 Stars!
by Amir H Friday 02 March, 2012
All i can say is This Firearm is worth every bit of its cost. Im still trying to figure out why are their some bad mouthing this Kahr? I ran 150 through it, didnt have one issue. Winchester PDX1 and Hornady ran like a champ. The PMC didnt hiccup once. Buds You Guys Rock! Thank You Gurney and Derek.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Lawrence M Monday 10 October, 2011
Although I have many years experience target shooting, I did not have a concealable weapon. My favorite pistol is a Belgian Browning Hi-Power and there is really no way to conceal it. I saw a CW9 at my local gun shop and since they didn't have a CW40 in stock, I decided to make my first purchase from Buds and the transaction went well. I picked up some 180 grain FMJs and went to the range to break it in. The recoil was a little more that I expected and the grip is a little rough on the hands but for a personal defense weapon it is acceptable. The gun itself is very impressive. The design, engineering and worksmanship is flawless. The gun shot a little high and to the left but after I adjusted the rear dovetail sight (with a hammer, punch and a leather pad) the groups were all dead center and half-dollar sized at 7 yards. For me, the gun is a little too big and heavy to carry around all the time, but the benefit is having a hand cannon available if the situation requires it. I ended up ordering a Ruger LCP from Buds for when I don't want to carry the Kahr, but that's just my preference. In summary, the CW40 is a very serious weapon at an incredible price.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Richard K Sunday 19 June, 2011
You need to clean the gun before you shoot it. I had trouble removing the takedown pin. I resorted to tapping it out with a punch and hammer. The slide release spring is easy to damage. You need to replace the slide release spring so that the spring sits on top of the slide release. I damaged the spring before I even shot the pistol. When the spring is damaged, it shoots in one-shot mode. You have to release the slide after each shot if the slide release spring is not on top of the slide release. My first 200 rounds with the CW40 was basically in one-shot mode. I repaired the slide release spring. I then shot 50 rounds of Winchester white box from Walmart. The slide still locked open twice when the magazine was not yet empty. The CW40 also jammed two or three times when loading a new magazine. I am not a bad shot, but I often could not hit a 13"x13" target at 25 feet with my CW40. During the same shooting session, I was getting a 3" to 4" group with my Ruger SR9c. Maybe it was the CW40, maybe it was the ammo, but it wasn't me. In the manual for the pistol, they say the that you should provide resistance to the pistol, not act as a shock absorber. The gun seems to be better behaved when you hold it loosely. Why should I have to adjust my grip to shoot the CW40? Also, they CW40 seemed to behave better with a 165-gr. target round than a 180-gr. defensive round. Weird. I am an average size guy. This pistol almost seems too small in my hands. There's little room for my left thumb on the frame (I shoot righty). Again, I don't want to adjust my grip drastically to shoot the CW40. I am going to try different ammo. I am going to call Kahr to get some suggestions. However, I have no confidence in this weapon for concealed carry.

Rating:     2 of 5 Stars!
by Robert C Monday 02 May, 2011
Great gun at this price...Some people write that they have troubles with chambering a round..The mag is stiff at first and I only had a problem when I had one chambered and a full mag (6+1) but it was a problem with the mag not feeding,until I ran about 300 rounds thru it...Gun performs awesome,just needs broke in... have been getting good groupings from 10-15 yards and have had decent results from 30-40 yards too...If your in the market for a consealed carry firearm,this is a great piece for the dollars you'll spend...And of course"Buds" is the place to buy from.....

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Jason S Wednesday 16 March, 2011
Took 7 days to get it shipped, still worth it considering local price was $100 more. That said, the 200 round break in is a must, after 200 rounds it just works. The grip is a little rough on the skin, I put a Hogue Jr. sleeve on mine and it solves that problem. The grip is my only complaint and I typically put sleeves on my handguns anyway - so no big deal. The gun itself is awesome, accuracy is comparable to my Glock 26. I'm a big guy, 6 - 3, 300lbs and this gun fits in my hand perfectly.The magazines are really stiff when new, I still have mine loaded in the case just to compress the springs a little. I've shot Blazer, Winchester Value Pack (from Walmart) and Winchester Law Enforcement Ammo - it all goes fine after the break in. The 165gr Law Enforcement Ammo is comfortable to shoot and feeds great. The only FTF's I've had are with new magazines - I've had zero FTE's. It is a comfortable gun to carry in my front pocket in a basic Desantis holster, I also have an IWB that I wear in my back that is comfortable.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 13 to 18 (of 28 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5   
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