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EAA WNDCTR 357 4 BL 6 Reviews


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by Damone L Wednesday 17 January, 2018
Very happy with purchase. I took it straight to the range after an initial cleaning. Loaded with .38 spc, it was like shooting very light 9mm. Once I put the Underwood 125gr in there, it was another story! It recoiled twice as much but controllable. Firearm is now my night stand gun with the 1600fps, 794ft lbs Underwoods!

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Jason K Wednesday 17 January, 2018
Dam grips came off so got wood ones from eaa much better but really can not recommend this gun need to clean about every 50 rounds and not very accurate

Rating:     2 of 5 Stars!
by La Don M Saturday 30 December, 2017
II took my .357 Windicator to the range today for the first time. I fired 200 rounds through it (.38 Special, .38 Special wadcutters, and .357 n Magnums. All the rounds were fired at a variety of ranges. The results we were good. The groups were tight at center mass. I am very happy with the Windicator.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by neil c Saturday 14 October, 2017
Gun looks very good, but was not accurate. I had to aim a good bit away from center of target to keep shots in the 9 ring. \"never got a tight group with it despite trying several types of ammo\" It also had a lot of pressure discharge between cylinder and barrel which was irritating as it got you really dirty shooting it. There are no aftermarket grips to be found for it and the factory grips suck pretty bad. I will give it 3 stars because it never failed to fire and did not fall apart.

Rating:     3 of 5 Stars!
by Ryan V Friday 13 October, 2017
I must reluctantly say I disliked this gun. The grip felt sort of loose and I couldn\'t get a good feel for how to hold it securely. The double action trigger wasn\'t what I was hopping for either. In fairness this was my first revolver and I\'ve only been shooting for one year now. Also the single action trigger was decent. I ended up buying a different 4\" 357 Magnum from Bud\'s and fell in love. None of the problems with the EAA Windicator where present and my shooting performance dramatically improved. So I traded this Windicator in at my local gun shop and got something I knew I\'d like. YMMV. The local gun shop I traded it to sold it 4 days after getting it from me. I watched their webpage everyday out of curiosity. I still give it 3 stars because I believe my lack of experience may have factored into my dislike for it.

Rating:     3 of 5 Stars!
by Joel L Tuesday 26 September, 2017
As others have said, good gun for the money, but do not expect the quality and feel of a S&W. My only complaint is the size of the grip (small), and the distance of the trigger from the grip (too short). This gun would be perfect for someone with small hands shooting .38 special, but doesn't feel good in my size large hands (not extra large). There are also no aftermarket grips for this gun. My advise--save your money an extra year and get a S&W, which already have.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 38 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...   
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