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Ruger LCP 3701 6+1 380ACP 2.75" Reviews


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by Shawn w Thursday 28 September, 2017
I bought the original LCP .380 from Buds years ago. It was my first purchase with them and as always it\'s been great. I wanted a small pocket pistol and this was the gun to get at the time. I liked it a first but once i started to shoot it I realized that the trigger pull was terrible and i hated the sights. I carried it non the less for a year or so until I bought a Glock 19 which was too big to carry concealed. A Taurus .357 snobby that I actually enjoyed but gave it to a friend. Then I bought a S&W .45 Shield which is a great gun. Much easier to shoot than a Glock at least to me. I put my LCP in my glove box and didn\'t shoot it much since .380 ammo is more expensive that .45 and that is insane. When the newest version of the LCP came out with a total rebuild I had to buy one. At the time on Buds it was $275. I got it and it felt so much better than the original. Easier to rack a round, better sights and a much much better trigger. I took the old LCP and the new one to the range with 100 rounds of .380 so I could prove to myself that buying the new one was worth it. Guess what......I shot the old one more accurately. Not that the new one wasn\'t accurate but for some reason the old one felt better! I actually have shot them both quite a bit and enjoy them both now so all this to say that it just took me a while to learn to handle the snap of such small guns.

Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!
by John S Tuesday 05 September, 2017
Even though I have my ffl, I\'m not a preferred ffl on this site, I purchase all my guns from buds, the lcp is a great gun, service is great along with delivery, excellent buy for the buck

Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!
by Roger J Tuesday 08 August, 2017
I was torn between the Ruger LCP and the Diamondback 380. I chose the Ruger, and I'm pleased with it. I like the small size and it is very light weight. The only negative is the trigger. It isn't as smooth as I would like. But overall I would purchase it again.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Edlin R Friday 04 August, 2017
This .380 seems more compact than other firearms in it's class. That fact, by no means, is a gripe. I love how it just sits in my pocket easily. The included pocket holster was an unexpected surprise. I had to purchase an extender so that my pinky didn't just hang off the handle. Overall, the gun feels well built and fires accurately enough. I'm a better shot with a 9mm and a .45, but I'll get there. Thanks again for the quick shipping! Will definitely be recommending this site to all my friends and family.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Joshua S Wednesday 12 July, 2017
I purchased the LCP II for my girlfriend (The truth--no CNN material here). The fact that she resides in Atlanta, works downtown, and is smoking hot made the decision a no brainer. A small, \"purse ready\" compact pistol that does exactly what it\'s supposed to do, all while packing an unexpected punch!! If you\'re wanting to make it a bit more \"manageable\" or aggressive snag an aftermarket grip extender and an extra magazine (mine only came with 1). While at the range christening it\'s slender soul, my PT 738 began pouting and sounded a bit like Caillou in my bag. %uD83D%uDE20 I\'m a fan of Taurus, and like just about anything that they manufacture but....if this were a boxing match, the Ruger would\'ve gotten the KO in the 5th....%uD83D%uDC4F %uD83D%uDC4C %uD83D%uDC4D P.S. ---- And anyone who takes up for that little girl/boy needs a psych evaluation...%uD83D%uDE02%uD83D%uDE02%uD83D%uDE02

Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!
by Charles H Sunday 02 July, 2017
I have owned my Ruger LCP 380 for a few years now and decided it was time to write a review. As for it\'s intended purpose, it is a great conceal carry gun and can fit nicely in ones pocket for easy access. It comes with a small case that, left partially unzipped, lets the gun blend into the pants pocket inside nicely. Those things being said, this was my first gun and, for me, I was not comfortable carrying it. And that is just me. I should have purchased a different first gun. It does not fit larger hands (like mine) very well and leaves one\'s pinky with nowhere to go. It does not have a safety, which initially I did not think would be a problem. There also isn\'t much of a site on this gun. I purchased extensions for the clips which do help with the hands issue. I purchased rubber \'safety plungers\' which fit behind the trigger and can be pressed out with one finger as you are removing the gun or when you are ready to shoot. I also added the Lasermax laser, which takes care of the site problem. So, for those needing a longer grip, a better site and some kind of safety, there are options that can make this a more gun-friendly device for you. If you need them. It wasn\'t until I shot and purchased other guns that I found that it was this gun, in particular, that made me uncomfortable. I purchased a slightly larger 9mm, with no safety, that I enjoy shooting and carrying. I get a comfortable grip, the site is great. I would recommend this for persons with smaller hands and experienced hands. While a good gun for women, it is not for all women, either. My sister-in-law did not like the way it handled and thought that it had too much \'kick\' for something so small. Others (men and women) who have shot my gun love the feel and size and the way it shoots. Find someone that owns one and take it for a test drive before you buy. Buying from Bud\'s was a great experience and the FFL was excellent, too.

Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 61 to 66 (of 285 reviews) Result Pages: ... 11  12  13  14  15 ...   
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