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S&W M627 8RD 357MAG/38SP +P 2.62" Performance Center Reviews


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by Jose C Friday 25 August, 2017
Great product loved my new 627 but the wait and ship times are ridiculous. But worth the 50 bucks i saved from else where

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by David D Monday 17 July, 2017
I\'ve read the other reviews here and looked for the problems others have had before transfer. The barrel wasn\'t overtightened and the trigger pull was very nice. I knew ahead of time the grips would be warped and not fit correctly. What i didnt know to check was the movement of the ejector rod. The .357 has a long case and the ejector rod needs full travel to eject cases, Mine is binding at the last half inch of travel and I can feel it grinding. I checked some S&W PC Models that my LGS had and the ejectors were all very smooth. S&W agreed this wasn\'t corrrect and sent me a pre paid shipping label. I was quoted a 3 week turn around but after calling this turned into a 5 week turn around. I\'ve avoided S&W products for 30 years and thought maybe the PC Models might live up to the hype. Pretty dissapointed. Buds however gets 5 stars as allways.

Rating:     2 of 5 Stars!
by Joe C Thursday 13 April, 2017
By far the best carry revolver I have ever owned. I love the versatility of a 357 and this is definitely one of the best you can get. Large and heavy enough to allow fast follow up shots with powerful loads, but not so large that it is difficult to conceal. It is the heaviest gun I have ever carried but with a good gun belt and my new lobo gun leathers enhanced pancake holster it is very comfortable. As per the norm Buds has provided excellent service and had the gun to me just a couple of days after placing the order.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Michael P Saturday 11 February, 2017
I read a bunch of reviews on this revolver before I bought it. There was a lot of discussion about the grips especially and how the quality isn\'t that great. This one I received has a very smooth trigger and works great. I ran about 100 rounds through it today at the range and after some rear sight adjustments I was able to hit a tennis ball at 25 yards with some frequency. With factory loads there\'s a lot of recoil -- I wore a glove for a while but later in the session when I was warmed up I shot the same loads and they were stout but by holding the gun firmly it gave me manageable recoil and gloves weren\'t needed. It\'s a good looking gun and I think it\'ll be great -- I like Smith and Wesson revolvers a lot and this one doesn\'t disappoint.

Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!
by David M Tuesday 19 January, 2016
Fantastic revolver. The trigger is smooth through double action and crisp during single action. The trigger pull was heavy at first, but has started to lighten a bit with use. The over travel stop was adjusted perfectly by the performance center. Fit and finish on the gun are flawless. The grips I received differed in color from the stock photo (mine are a lighter walnut color). I actually prefer the grips I received. This gun arrived with 3 full moon clips that are of the newer style (circular center hole). Both this version and the previous version work equally well with the revolver. With a sturdy belt the gun carries very well in a high ride Galco holster. The truncated grip helps with concealment but poses no detriment to shooting. It's not quite as pleasant to shoot on the range as the 5 inch version of 627, but it still makes for a nice day at the range. Shipping was much quicker than I expected and the gun arrived safely at my FFL a day earlier than planned. Overall I'm extremely happy with the gun and the purchase experience provided by buds.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Paul G Tuesday 03 November, 2015
Received this gun Friday and found it to be flawless. Got to the range a couple of days later and fired about 100 rounds of mixed 153 gr HP, 143 gr FMJ and hand loaded hard cast. Didn't have to touch sights and gun was very accurate. Recoil did smart a little mostly due to the grips. They are a little thin at the back strap, so will probably be changing these out. Really have no complaints about the gun. It's just what it's represented to be.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 16 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  3   
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