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Taurus 513SS6 M513 Raging Judge 6RD 454CAS 6.5" Reviews


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by Jacob D Friday 15 December, 2017
What a great gun! I looked for one of these for months and Buds came through. Lay a way was a great service. Most satisfied! Buds was a great experience and I will be back soon.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Jeremy W Thursday 25 February, 2016
Been a couple weeks since I picked this revolver up. Having said that, I seen and had zero issues. I ordered the gun on a Wednesday and it came on the following Monday.(mind you, I live in Missouri). I've read some bad things online about buds but having been my first order from this company I was a bit skeptical. Anyways, the I received is the gun I expected. It's big, bulky, but most of all BA. I've read up on this revolver for about a month or so before making the decision to purchase it. I heard good and bad things. Ex: "ejector rod being bent, cylinder not locking even with barrel" ect. But I'm my experience I recieved a perfect brand new gun. Well it had been test fired obviously. The shipping was faster than I expected especially being over Valentine's weekend. The gun is a hoss and it out a smile on my face the minute I pulled it out the bag. My only complaint is not to do with buds or the quality of the firearm. But for a 800 dollar revolver it should get treated with a better case. Just a box. I've bought 300 dollar revolvers and recieved a nice hard case and padded foam inside atleast. But other than that this pistol is worth it to someone who is just looking for a cool new gun or a legitament mountain man in bear country. If your hesitating cause of bad reviews of take the chance cause I have found out that on most firearms I research before purchasing have had bad reviews somewhere out there. Buds has had reviews but like I said I only bought this revolver from them and it went as smoothly as you could expect. Thus, 1st one. Currently have a 783 Remington in the shipping process as I'm writing this. So I turned right around and bought a rifle as soon as I bought this hand cannon. The only advice I'd give us to someone who hasn't owned a gun before or is a first time handgun owner and is in the market it's not practical to someone for just self defense being a newbie to firearms. It has its place. If you want a fun gun, need a trail gun, side arm for hunting hogs or what have you. She's the one. I personally got it for the hell of it. I own firearms needed for my personal recreation choices. I wanted a new cool fun toy. That's why I got the 6 inch barrel. It just looks more BA(just my opinion). But to carry on a hunt as a side arm or to carry regardless your purpose. I'd go for the 3 inch barrel personally. Unless you are gonna use it for your first choice hunting firearm but that's up to you. I'd say it's worth 800 bucs, but you don't transfer a firearm in cardboard. Thays just Taurus though. Take it as you will, but if you own other guns and looking for a new toy she's the one. If you are in the market for a defense firearm or a hiking firearm there are multiple Smith and wessons or rugers you can find in this price range with just better quality by the name. But all that being said id trust my life with this thing. Anyday. But I only had it 2 weeks. Forgot to add that the two cylinder releases are just kinda cheap feeling. Idk if there plastic or not but I think they feel plastic. For 800 bucs eh idk. I think they could put a little more into it. That's all. I'd say 600 would be more reasonable. If they are gonna slap cheap plastic feeilng cylinder releases and pack it in a cardboard box. Those things to get probably only cost 2 dollars itself to make. So they short you on that crap. But it's a great revolver does what it's meny to do and perfoms great, not problems. Enjoy your firearm shopping

Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!
by Adam H Sunday 23 March, 2014
Not the most practical firearm but a literal blast to shoot. Everybody that sees it is curious as to what it is and what caliber it is. This gun is a constant headturner that has out performed my expectations since day one!

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Eric D Tuesday 09 October, 2012
This is not a practical gun by any means, but it is incredibly FUN to own and shoot. It is of course also good for "bragging" rights. Just be prepared to spend an hour or so in the gun shop on the day you pick it up because EVERYONE wants to hold it, inspect it, and talk about it ;-) It was hard for me to get out of there without being rude, so allow yourself the extra time needed to pick it up lol. One thing I love about this gun is the chambered round versatility of it. I like being able to put 2.5" or 3" .410 shells in there, .45LC, and .454 casull. I have had the chance to shoot all three through it. Here is my experience with each round: .410: My favorite is the 3" Federal 000 Buck. I keep it loaded with 6 of these in the house because of my range results. The recoil isn't bad at all and the pattern/spread is PERFECT at 7 yrds. It makes a beautiful 6" diameter hole of (5) 000 buckshot right where you want it to be. I am truly impressed with the accuracy and spred at 7 yrds with this round and feel very comfortable relying on it for home defense. I tried the PDX1 by Winchester in this (with discs and bbs) and do not like it at all. The discs were EXTREMELY accurate, I mean dead on, but the bbs were ALL OVER THE PLACE! I would not feel comfortable at all with collateral damage of the bbs (and this is at 7 yrds), some were off the paper or nowhere near the target. I wish Winchester would simply stick with the very accurate discs of this load and ditch the bbs. .45LC: Shot 20 rounds of these @ 25 yards and the shots were pretty accurate. Recoil was not bad at all in this gun (at least for me, but I shoot a .44SPC snubnose revolver regularly) and I placed the shots where I wanted to for the most part. Not bad considering this was the first day of shooting the pistol and only shooting a box of 20 rounds. Pretty fun to shoot the .45LC if it wasn't for the high cost of the round. .454 Casull: Just shot 12 of these through the pistol yesterday (second time at the range with this pistol). Boy do they KICK! Call me a wuss or whatever, but shooting with two hands, It actually hurt my wrist the first couple of shots until I relaxed my wrists and tried not to control the muzzle rise as much and simply let the tremendous weight of the 6.5" barrel do the work for me. I shot and placed all 12 shots on the man sized target 25 yards out, but I cannot say I had good groupings since the shots were kinda all over the place (but still all within center mass). I would say that I will not be making any head shots at that range anytime soon, but will try at 7yrds out next time and see how well I do. Overall this is simply a fun gun to add to your collection as mainly a showpiece and range "toy", since it really doesn't have much of a "practical" use (unless you are hunting bear). It is very heavy, bulky, and hard to conceal. I would feel pretty comfortable using it as a home defense gun with the .410 Federal 000 buck, but I still prefer a 12 gauge shotgun for that role with this as a backup for that purpose (or as a primary until I could reach the shotgun). I like the overall look, the grip, front fiber-optic sight, and the very sensitive (low lb) trigger in SA. I cannot give a true quote on the poundage of the trigger, but in SA it is hair sensitive and I love it! It has a pretty long and hard pull in DA, which I tend to not use at all except once out of curiousity and a few times with snap caps.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Ben C Thursday 05 July, 2012
ONE AWESOME GUN!!!!!!. Bud's is the best, will difinately be back for more.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by James S Sunday 22 April, 2012
Very nice firearm, and built well, if you aren't able to kill it with this, you mine as well give up trying.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 7 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2   
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