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S&W M642CT 5RD 38SP +P 1.87" w/ Crimson Trace Reviews

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by David S Friday 27 April, 2018
Overall the gun is great. Shoots great. Small and very light. Using the E-Check to pay for it will take some time to process and ship. Not a fan of that but buds does tell you about it before you select the option. Have shot it once with plus P ammo. It has a little bit of bite to it. But nothing I can't get used to. Bud's is great and will buy again in the future.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Scott F Saturday 04 June, 2016
Great backup. I polished the insides to be a little smoother double-action, but it's really good out of the box. Crimson trace is nice to have for defense. Take it to an indoor range to adjust the site. Crimson needs to be adjusted and so far has kept the adjustment. Remember to set this up at a certain distance you want it at and that the laser will be off if you use it to fire at a different distance. I set mine for the closest at the indoor range figuring for self-defense. I put a small amount of red paint on the front site and white around the rear for easily use at longer ranges. Bud's is always great at the best prices, availability and shipping quickly. I buy most of my firearms through Bud's. I also live in CA, so I always check the State website to make sure the firearm is allowed.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Mark C Thursday 31 December, 2015
I was interested in buying a handgun to give to my wife as a Christmas present. Although she can shoot my 9mm semi-automatic very well, she has extreme difficulty in pulling the slide back and locking it open. Talking with a number of women with concealed carry permits, this seems to be a common complaint that many women can’t open and lock the slide of most semi-automatic handguns. So with this though in mind I decided to look at revolvers. After looking at dozens and dozens of revolvers online from numerous manufacturers, I had no idea what would be the best choice or how to narrow the choices down. Then it occurred to me that my philosophy of keeping it simply could help in this decision. With this thought in mind, I quickly started to narrow my choices. The first decision was what type of hammer would be the best choice for my intended purpose. I quickly narrowed the choice down to hammerless with the idea that the weapon could not get hung up on the hammer in her purse or pocket if it didn’t have an exposed hammer. The next decision was what caliber would be best. I had looked at a couple of 9mm revolvers and liked the idea of this caliber because it meant one less type of ammo to keep on hand. However the need to use moon clips didn’t fit in with my keep it simple thought. I briefly considered the .357 Mag but decided its potential would not be realized in a small revolver. Plus the recoil is pretty severe in anything small that I have ever seen it used in. I eventually decided on the .38 special thinking its performance is somewhat similar to most 9mm loads although maybe a little less and the recoil should be similar. The next thing was barrel length. While a 4-5 inch barrel offers better performance overall, a revolver with this length of barrel is not easy to conceal. Knowing there are some tradeoffs for a 2 inch barrel this was the length I decided on. While this revolver will be used for target practice, it primary purpose is personal defense. Grips were the last things I considered. I prefer rubber grips because of their durability, fit, and feel. So that’s what I was looking for. I decided on the S&W 642C as it met my major requirements. In addition, I purchased the 642 with the Crimsom Trace laser already installed. To me the LazerMX SS laser system looks like an afterthought. Purchasing with laser installed saved maybe $40-50 over doing it later. We took it to the range the other night to test out. Initially we tried using the laser but neither of us were happy with the target results we were seeing at 21 feet. So thinking the laser might be out of alignment or possibly never aligned, I turned it off and tried without. After doing this, the results were similar to that we see with my 9mm. I was impressed with the results as some claim a 2 inch barrel is very inaccurate. I forgot to bring the tools to adjust the laser so have to go back and see if adjustments improve the laser feature. I have read a number of online reviews of the 642. The major complaint is the level of recoil this small frame revolver has. If my wife doesn’t complain about the recoil, its not that bad. I would rate it similar to or only slightly more than my 9mm. The 642 is rated for +P ammo. I’m guessing this would increase the recoil significantly and likely unnecessarily hard on the handgun if using for target practice. My wife is happy with her 642. Her only complaint and I have to agree, is how difficult it is to pull the trigger. I am hoping that with some use this will reduce somewhat. My only quality concern is that there is some machining flashing left on the forcing cone. I would have thought S&W Quality Control could have easily seen and removed this. Overall the I think 642 is an excellent personal defense handgun and fun to target shoot with too.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Jonathan I Monday 06 July, 2015
This is my first wheel gun. Smith and Wesson J Frame, model 642. .38 special. I am still getting used to it. The trigger seemed crisp and not as heavy a pull as my friends Ruger. GP100 .357 Magnum. I love the crimson trace laser grips. The fit and finish of this gun is awesome. Shoots fine despite being an aluminum frame airweight.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Jeffrey P Tuesday 24 March, 2015
Couldn't ask for a better carry gun - I bought this for my wife - I would personally prefer S/A - D/A but she loves DAO

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Michael H Monday 09 February, 2015
The 642CT is a very nice little revolver that complements my existing 686. The CT on this 642CT was off to the Right slightly when sighting it in on the day of purchase. Just one-quarter turn CCW in windage brought the CT into alignment with POC. No problems with the CT once aligned. As far as the QC of the revolver, that is another story. After 50rds and 200-300 snap caps, the trigger mechanism started catching on the pull stroke. Had to do a deep cleaning and stoning of contacts. QC of modern S&W is not like it was in 1986, when I bought my 686. The cylinder release was actually gouging a channel in the frame and catching and plenty of metal shavings were visible. It seems that the cast parts have many sharp edges that NEED to be milled before assembly. That said, once cleaned, stoned, and lubed at a deep level, this 642CT now performs as it should. The only question for the customer to ask is if doing a DIY deep servicing is something you are willing to do with a "new" purchase. If so, then you may truly enjoy ti revolver.

Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 8 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2   
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