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Walther PPQ9 9mm 4.1" 15Rd. Black Reviews

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by Marcus Z Thursday 21 June, 2012
Dear friend, I'm sure as you are reading this review, you have come across many reputable polymer pistols such as XDm, SR9, FNS, M&P and Glock. I was just like you when I decided to replace my old trusted G19 3rd Gen. after 10 years of carry. Truth to be told, I couldn't find a valid candidate to really compete against G19 for a long time.... until I have watched Nutnfancy's review videos on this Walther PPQ. This simplicity of the design, the proven accuracy, and finally its revolutionary design of its feather-weight trigger all screamed loud and clear of the German engineering quality. There is a reason why this Walther PPQ has received 100%, I repeat, 100%, of 5-star ratings on Buds among all 40+ reviews. The answer is simple: there is no 110% rating. Do yourself a favor, find a similar contestant on Buds with a score as high as Walther PPQ. I bet you it's hard. Even harder, try to find something bad about the PPQ. Yes, the magazines may be expensive, but that's only because this gun is new and the after-market has not caught up with its overwhelming momentum yet. Plus you could easily get the Magnum Research magazines made by Italian manufactures for $28 with perfect compatibility. Among all the non-1911 handguns that I have come to hold and fire, the Walther PPQ has simply the most ergonomic design. Its light weight offers much advantage to daily carrying, home defense; while its tapered top slide makes it a better concealed carry than the blocky Glock. Slightly larger than the G19, it actually feels lighter and smaller in your hand due to its more elegant frame design. The balance of this gun is perfect, as I find it very natural-pointing even in a low light situation. It has a fast action sight, meaning there is much light between the target and the frame of the rear sight. Personally I think it's great because it makes target-acquisition much easier than a blob of mushy nonsense you will find in the factory Glock sight. The European mag release takes some time to get used to, but you'll soon find it much easier to drop the mag using your index finger. This method is more reliable in a critical situation as well, because you're less likely to accidently drop the mag due to a shaking grip and misplaced thumb. The same theory applies to car design: we use the same foot for gas AND brake. After having fired 1000+ rounds of assorted FMJ and JHP through it, I have experienced 100% reliability. Not a single FTF or FTE, not a single stovepipe or hot case in your eye. This gun requires no oil or break-in, unlike the gimpy M&P series. Its trigger makes double-capping hard to resist, but its relatively high-bore axis forces you to calm down and regain control. Its muzzle rise is controllable due to the overall balance of the design and the low recoil of the 9mm. Let's face it, we are not shooting a 22LR here. So if you are really looking for a low recoil, insanely low bore-axis handgun, consider Caracal or Steyr. The Walther PPQ has a 1:9.28 inch twist rate (a lot of people are actually curious about this), which is the same as a Glock. Accuracy-wise, I consider it a tie with my G19. XDM 5in competition does indeed have better accuracy at 25 yards due to its longer barrel and sight radius, but for a general purpose handgun, Walther PPQ shines beyond any cloud of doubt. Made in Germany and supported by S&W, the PPQ comes with its intrinsic quality and extrinsic customer support. In conclusion: if I could keep only one gun, the Walther PPQ is it. Its accuracy, reliability and smooth/crisp trigger design make it the overall best combat handgun. Add light-weight (24.5 oz) and insanely sweet ergonomics, here you have the only handgun that could claim the title of MODERN PERFECTION. Thanks for reading. Marcus from Wisconsin.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Lee J Monday 11 June, 2012
This pistol is an amazing piece of engineering. I did alot of research before buying this weapon and watched several reviews on utube before making the decision to buy. I am a long time 1911 fan as I had carried one as a service weapon while in the military so I find it hard to match the trigger in a 1911. So when I say this trigger is amazing that is what I compare it to, trust me this pistol's trigger is the best I have found from a factory striker fire pistol ever. I have put over 1000 rounds through her with 0 failures of any kind using all kinds of standard and +p ammo. The ergonomics are outstanding and the weapon points as naturally as your index finger. Recoil is minimal IMO and target re-aquisition is quick. Also a quick thank you to Hickok45 and faliaphotography for there wonderful video reviews.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Justin B Sunday 10 June, 2012
This gun fits the hand like a glove and the Euro mag release is more intuitive and easier to manipulate quickly than a traditional pushbutton in my opinion. Fit and finish is first rate. You can buy mags made by the same manufacturer as the Walther mags for about $27.00 if you want to save money (same mags as used for the Baby Desert Eagle made by MECGAR I believe). As for shooting this gun. I started out with 9mm NATO rounds which are just a hair below +P. The gun does have a little more muzzle flip than I expected, but gets back on target quickly. And yes, the trigger is great. Almost too good as you better be back on target because the slightest squeeze of the trigger and this gun fires. In think the trigger pull is less the 5.5 lbs. I would not recommed this gun to a new shooter, but it is almost perfect for the experienced one. This gun is a tremendous value. I look at it like a cost effective HK P-30.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Ian H Sunday 10 June, 2012
This gun rocks! The hype about this gun is well deserved. Every time I pick it up my first shot is always dead on. You would be remiss to look over this hand gun for something else. The weight is perfect, along with the balance. Trigger is great! The only thing I'm not wild about is the glock like take down but I would never let it shy me away from this amazing purchase.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Charles S Wednesday 23 May, 2012
This gun is incredible. Great looking, reliable, accurate. It also has by far the best trigger of any polymer framed pistol out there. I've had the gun for a couple of months now and have put over 1000 rounds through it and have had not one malfunction of any kind. For those concerned about muzzle flip, I've fired this gun side by side with a Glock 19 and there is slightly more flip with the Walther but barely noticeable. The excellent ergonomics and pointability will make up for this and have you back on target very quickly. At this price point it's a must have.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Pierre L Tuesday 15 May, 2012
I love this gun! I sold my M&P 9C to buy the PPQ and I couldn't be happier. The quality of the Walther is great. Looks and feels way better than my M&P. And the trigger is best I've used yet. Can't believe a pistol has a perfect rating on Bud's! If you are contemplating buying this it! I paid with an E-check to save $17.00 for the 3% charge and I had the gun in 10 days. Another very satisfied customer and now patiently awaiting for Walther to make this pistol in a 5.25" barrel version.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 25 to 30 (of 66 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...   
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