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Ruger 3206 LC9 7+1 9mm 3.12" w/ Lasermax Laser Reviews


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by William H Friday 24 May, 2013
I like it. I have seen most of the reviews, online. Lots of gripes about California required safeties. I do not think that is true. I live in California, I am grateful that companies like Ruger, make guns I can have. Bud's has a great price and I bought two. Double action only trigger is the challenge. At 7 yards, half of my shots were low and to the right. At 3 yards with the Lazer, Center Mass. I asked the NRA Instructor at the range, to fire 5 shots at 7 yards. He really nailed it. He likes the gun, I like the gun. I just have to practice. Thank you

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by John D Saturday 30 March, 2013
After doing much research, the LC9 ended up being the winner for my wife. As a first time carry gun, she wanted something that had a few safeties. The gun has a manual thumb safety that is easily turned off, but needs to be deliberately turned on, an easily visible loaded chamber indicator, and a magazine dis-connect. Feels great in your hand, and has recoil similar to my Glock 26 surprisingly. The 3-dot sights are also great on this little pocket rocket! My only complaints would be the length of the trigger pull, and taking down the gun is a little wonky... but we knew that going in. Ruger great quality as expected, and fun to shoot as well. This was my first purchase from Bud's... and just like all the others say, It wont be my last!

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Jeff S Wednesday 27 February, 2013
I love this gun! Coming from an LCP to this just felt natural. Looks great, feels great and shoots excellent. People complain about the long trigger pull, but it is very smooth. I like the pull as an extra safety and added piece of mind. This is a self defense gun, not a range/competition gun. Also, Bud's customer service rocked! Never had one problem contacting them and they always helped me resolve my questions and concerns. I will buy from Bud's again. Thanks for a great transaction!

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by robert a Wednesday 20 February, 2013
Nice gun. I hate the round in chamber indicator thing being on top. The gun fired well but the Lasermax laser would shut off in the on position. They sent me another one with no problem and that took care of the issue. Thanks Bud's

Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!
by Steve O Monday 04 February, 2013
I was kind of thinking about getting a kel tec 9mm, but I have a Ruger P89 that I have had for about 20 yrs and a Blackhawk 357/9mm conversion revolver and a 22 mag single six, so I am partial to Ruger. I call the P89 a hammer. I can shoot anything though it w/out a hiccup. This LC9 is another fine tool!. They tell you not to shoot +p ammo thru it, and I haven't tried. I have shot boxes of winchester white box, remmington 147grn JHP, 115gr jhp, winchester 147gr jhp,Winchester 124 nato, blazer, PMC, and Federal, so far no jambs period. My son got a kel-tec P11, and it is very close to that in size, the kel tec is much more particular in what it will eat, and the recoil is, well, different. I like the kel tec, but I wouldn't trade for anything. Very happy with the gun, the lasermax is hard to see in bright sunlight, but later in the day or inside it is nice. The bullet goes where you tell it to, what more can you ask for. As for the guys that give this gun a bad review... my guess is they are limp wristing it and should go by a revolver. I will stand behind this one any day.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by chris f Thursday 10 January, 2013
This is my first brand new handgun and im pretty impressed, especially since i bought it before I ever held it. The fit and finish are nice and the LaserMax site is very useful in low light situations. Its slim and conceals nicely with an inside the pants holster. It does have a long trigger pull but its good to know that its NOT going to easily go off during normal day to day concealment. It shoots just how you would expect a gun with a 3" barrel to shoot and is accurate and the recoil isnt too harsh..considering its only a 17oz gun. For the money its a great bang for the buck..I see the price recently increased..glad i got mine in November. Thanks Bud.

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 25 to 30 (of 55 reviews) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...   
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