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TriStar 85023 C-100 Pistol 380 ACP 3.9" 15+1 Polymer Grip 2T Reviews

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by Michael B Thursday 20 February, 2014
Excellent gun! Easy to shoot, accurate, simple disassembly and (re)assembly. I highly recommend this weapon as a nice medium sized pistol with an easy shooting .380 round for new shooters! A well-made, quality semi-auto!

Rating:     5 of 5 Stars!
by Timothy S Thursday 31 January, 2013
I have to admit to being a bit concerned that I havent seen Bud's restock this particular pistol and it looks like they probably will not, based on the fact that the sticker price reads 0.00! This was my 7th handgun purchase through Bud's and thus far I have not been disappointed... I purchased this pistol and while un-boxing it, was very impressed with the weight and balance of this handgun. All in all, this is a very sharp looking firearm, and being all metal in design, definitely seems to be made of high quality parts. The recoil spring and rod are both very solid. The case in which it was shipped was very nice, especially considering some of the other handguns I have purchased came in a cardboard box, or extremely cheap case. The fact that it ships with two magazines was also very nice, as was the cleaning brush and pad rod. Firing it: PROS 1.) This bad-boy is extremely accurate and well sighted. 2.) The balance of this pistol makes follow up shots an absolute piece of cake. 3.) Recoil is very light, due to the heavy recoil spring, balance and weight. 4.) I have read all the arguments' regarding 9 mm -vs- 380 and I have to say, that with this pistol in hand, you will silence the nay-sayers simply by allowing them to fire through a magazine. In fact, I will go out on the limb and say that this pistol will out-shoot *ANY* 9mm compact of like design/capacity etc. 5.) The sites were perfectly set. 6.) Take down, was relatively simple, and as mentioned before the parts within do not come across at all as cheap. The recoil spring, for example, was massive with very good tension. 7.) The chromed finish, rounds this pistol out, making it a sharp looking handgun. 8.) Excellent trigger pull for a single/double action acp. 9.) The magazine capacity is much higher than most .380 ACPs' on the market here in the States. I have a Ruger LCP (Le-Canon-Petite) and it seems that the direction of the .380 over here is to more or less limit it to the duty of conceal-carry pistols, obviously due to the pre-eminence of the 9mm handguns. But as I said before, I will take this pistol, head to head with ANY 9mm compact and/or any other .380 pistol, and in the near future plan to have a couple of "shoot offs'" with friends who have full size 9mm Rugers and H&Ks CONS 1.) There was still signs that this pistol shipped in cosmoline with residue on the inside and outside of the handgun. While I appreciate the fact that the manufacturer took this step to prevent corrosion, anyone who has ever dealt with this stuff, knows how much of a pain in the neck it can be. 2.) Quality control, apparently didn't catch the fact, that the feed ramp was rough. This has caused bullets to "snag" and resulted in the slide not being able to fully close. A slight push with my left thumb snaps it shut, so I can fire the round, but it happened often enough to get annoying as hell, especially considering I was in the process of trying to break the pistol in at the range. Fortunately my brother has a set of Swiss files in order to deburr the feed ramp. I have read reviews regarding folks using a small dremel to "polish" the ramps on their pistols (all brands) with the same issue, but am afraid to do that for fear of voiding any warranties etc. 3.) The magazines are a bear to load. Not the end of the world, since at least they have a decent spring in them, but it will definitely take some time to get them to compress enough to properly utilize the overall capacity, and anyone who has dealt with this kind of tension in a new magazine knows that your fingertips and thumb will be sore when done shooting a box or three of ammo. 4.) The grips on the back of the slide for cycling rounds are rough on your hands/fingertips. Being part of the slide they are obviously metal as well, but will require a very light sanding/deburring. ADVICE For those looking at/purchasing ones of these handguns: 1.) Do not fire this pistol without first breaking it down and giving it a thorough cleaning. Most likely your pistol, will also have cosmoline residue inside and out. (Granted, you should do this with any handgun, even ones that appear to have been oiled properly, out of the box etc) 2.) Check your feed ramp to see if it has burrs like mine did. I also wouldn't consider firing any hollow points through this pistol until it is thoroughly broken in with FMJs' 3.) Don't forget to take your magazines' apart and look for cosmoline as well. At least Canik, was responsible enough to ship their product in such, as to avoid rusting. Would I buy it again? Absolutely yes, even with some of the obvious oversites' that Canik's quality control missed. The only concern I have is, if they didn't take notice of something as simple as the feed ramp, did they not bother with other potential issues? I'm hoping, with Canik's reputation for rugged quality etc, that I will be fine, thus the "mere" four star rating. Bud's service was, as always, outstanding.

Rating:     4 of 5 Stars!
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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