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  • Why more than the stainless finish Governor?

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  • I've had a stainless finish Governor for a month now and it's rapidly becoming my favorite revolver. However, I thought it might be nice to have the black finish one also. Looking at the black one it's $56 more than the stainless finished gun. Other than a night sight I don't see any difference other than the color. Am I missing something, is there something else that makes it more?

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  • Hi Terry, It could be the amount of them that are in stock. Buds uses an automatic inventory price update engine that
    runs every 20mins. Prices are tied directly to stock levels and
    will change as stock numbers change. As inventory numbers
    go down, prices go up and vice-versa. Usually when popular
    items get low in stock.

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  • Yes there is Terry. Number "in stock" plays a part in price at Buds. The higher the stock number the lower the price and vice versa. Meaning, a normally lower priced firearm that's low in stock number can cost more than a normally higher priced firearm that higher in stock numbers. Of course the opposite can happen as well.

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