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  • by - Lifetime Points: 280 Chosen as Best Answer
  • That is what I have seen as well. I would contact Rossi to find out (phone number 800-948-8029 M-F 9AM thru 9 PM Eastern/Standard Time).

  • by - Lifetime Points: 923 Chosen as Best Answer
  • Rossi . Customer Care Call Center Call Toll Free: (800) 948-8029 Monday thru Friday - 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (EST)

  • by - Lifetime Points: 2911 Chosen as Best Answer
  • I agree. Every picture I can find shows .357 on the right side of the barrel half way down. I wouldn't be to concerned. You can check for more info with Rossi on why its not there using just your serial #.