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  • Recoil longer barrel or shorter?

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  • I owned the longer barrel of this version and very much miss shooting it so I’ve decided to pick up again although the newer version now has a better muzzle break my question is will this shorter version going to have an outrageous recoil or nearly the same as a longer barrel, does it really matter if the barrel is a few inches longer as far as blowback?

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  • Charles the shorter barrel will have slightly more recoil due in part to the lighter weight and louder muzzle blast from the directional gasses being vented rather than expelled straight forward. It won't be too bad but, will be noticeable.

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  • While the effect on recoil will be small between barrel length the muzzle rise and blast will be much greater on the short barre which will make "felt" recoil greater in. in some people Much greater

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  • Hi Charles, No it is very minimal on the recoil. The longer barrel will actually help more with the recoil/blowback also.

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