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  • CZ 75 or P-10?

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  • I've been looking at CZ firearms for a while now and I was pretty set on getting a CZ75 but I started thinking that maybe a P-10 would be better if I decide to grab a concealed carry license some time in the near future. Anyone have experience with CCW involving the 75 or P-10? From what I've seen the 75 would be good for home or vehicle defense but I wasn't sure if it would be too cumbersome or large as far as CCW goes.

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  • It really depends on how big you are and where you live. If you are a large guy it is easy to conceal a standard size pistol and carry it all day. If you live in a cooler climate you will be wearing more clothes too. I usually carry a 75 Compact or the Shadow (same size as the SP-01 but no firing pin safety) which is fairly heavy. My stepson loves his P10c because he's 5'7" and it carries better. If you do carry the SP-01 get some 16 round flush fit magazines because the 18 round mag shown in the photo really print badly.

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  • The lighter weight of the
    p-01 makes it a better ccw choice but a good belt and holster make them both good options for carry

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  • The SP01 is a little on the large size Austin but, you will quickly forget that with the superb ergonomics of the pistol.

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  • Hi Austin, You're correct. Both are great choices but I'd go with the p-01 for CCW.

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