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  • Specific type of magazine?

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  • Hey guys I’m fairly new to ARs and guns in general. I have purchased this rifle and was needing to get some extra magazines for it however I did not want to purchase the incorrect type. My question is as follows, will any general AR 30 round magazine work with this? Or should I buy a specific generation any good recommendations? I appreciate your time. I was considering buying just a general magpull 30 round magazine for 5.56. Thanks again.

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  • any of the magpul p mags will be fine along with almost any at-15 type mag the p mag at among the best (any generation )

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  • Yes David, this rifle will accept any standard AR Magazine or Drum. The best to look at are P-Mags, Lancers, C-Products. You have a varied choice of quality AR Magazines.

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