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  • Is this better for CCW than M&P Shield

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  • Hi all,
    Looking to buy M&P Shield for CCW. Is CZ75 Compact a better choice?

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  • The CZ Compact is a very rugged pistol and will outlast the M&P by a long margin but the M&P is much lighter and easier to carry. The CZ P-01 has an alloy frame and is light enough to carry comfortably.

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  • The shield is a lot lighter. This one is heavy. It depends on you and your body shape. The shield holds 11 rounds.

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  • I own a shield in 9mm and one in 45acp and I love them both. The 9mm only carries 1 more round over the 45 and it don’t really kick much harder. They are both super thin and that makes it carry friendly.

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  • Mike - I will only say I have been carrying a firearm both on and off duty for decades. I've carried several different types (I was carrying a 'wheel gun' way back when!) I have my choice of several pistols for daily carry these days. My everyday carry pistol? A S&W M&P Shield. I don't think, truly, there is a better carry option period, overall. Guarantee you, you'll not carry the CZ75 regularly, because it is heavy. No gun does you any good ... if it is home in the safe.

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  • Mike, Since your asking opinions here. I own both. CZ 75 C and Shield in all 3 calibers. Shield is better conceal firearm. Maybe not better firearm. Love the 75C. Carry in shoulder rig. Little heavy to carry everyday. Shield half as heavy, striker fired, easier to conceal. I carry the Shield IWB. 75C hammer fired double/single action, twice as heavy. Great shooter, but not as good overall CCW firearm as Shield. My opinion only.

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  • Mike, They are actually pretty even overall. I would personally choose the M&P Shield for CCW based on the extra 12 to 13oz's the CZ will add. 50%+ more weight is a big deal for CCW pistol as the Shield would weigh less than the CZ 75 Compact empty.

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  • It depends on what you're looking for. If you don't mind spending a bit more on both the gun and the holster it is far superior as far as I am concerned.It depends on how you feel about a DA/SA trigger and the extra weight. I'd recommend trying to shoot both at a local range first.

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