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  • Casing sticks in revolver cylinder

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  • What do I need to do to stop the casing from being stuck after shot in my Taurus 627SS4 M627 Tracker 7RD 357MAG 4? I am using TULA 357MAG 158GR FMJ 50/20 ammo in it. I have shot 100 rounds and they all stick. The revolver is new.

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  • clean the cylinder good and try a different brand of ammo brass cases are the best

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  • Grab yourself a good wire cleaning brush that fits fairly tightly into the cylinder, dip it in solvent (Hoppes #9) and scrub that rascal down - good - do it twice. Try it after that. If you still have problems, then I'd say the problem is the steel casings. Brass cases expand a bit when fired, but brass is more 'elastic' than steel and it will resume it's 'normal' dimensions after that initial expansion. Steel, on the other hand, expands but doesn't 'shrink back' as it just isn't as pliable as brass. I know the steel stuff is cheaper, but sometimes it just isn't worth the headaches. If you have problems with brass, you might want to talk to Taurus. Good luck there.

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  • Christopher, since the Tula cases are a little thick to start with, you will most likely have to switch to Brass Cased ammunition. My recommendation is to try Armscor Brass Cased :

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