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  • normally DA (double action) refers to a gun that the trigger pulls back the hammer and fires the in in one motion in a SA gun you either use your thumb to pull back the hammer or the cycling of the action leaves the hammer back and then the trigger releases the hammer the glock is a striker fired gun in it the trigger slightly pulls back the striker (firing pin ) and releases it. the striker is already partially back before the trigger is pulled so its not really a SA or a DA gun

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  • Chris - suffice it to say, Randy i is the only one here even close to being right. The terms, created to describe revolvers, are some of the most misused terms in the world of firearms today. Don't worry about being confused .. it isn't you The confusion is on the part of those who misuse the terms.

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  • Chris, double action generally means 2nd re-strike capability for a firearm with just a trigger pull. This G43x does not have true double action as it is a "Striker Fired" pistol and the slide would have to be racked to reset the trigger in case of a misfire.

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  • here is a good article

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  • Chris, All double action means on Glocks is you must depress the trigger safety/fin in the middle of the trigger to fire the firearm. I have several Glocks. They are all striker fired so it is not the traditional double action on a hammer fired firearm. Confusing term for sure.

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