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  • 03/07/2019 03:33 PM CT
    by James G - Lifetime Points: 51090 Chosen as Best Answer
  • Shawn, the XD Mod 2 and the S&W M&P 40 triggers are nearly indistinguishable. The Springfield has slightly less take up before positive trigger engagement. That is about all there is to the actual difference.

  • 03/07/2019 03:46 PM CT
    by Richard C - Lifetime Points: 2046
  • Shawn - I probably should not even try to answer your question. I am a 'trigger snob" and therefore, I shoot 1911s the vast majority of the time as I love the 1911 trigger. A review I read on the Springfield stated "The XD Mod.2 trigger has none of the grit found in many striker-fired pistols. The trigger is a bit long on take-up and reset, but it is buttery smooth; much better than I remember on my old XD(m)." Another review described the S&W M&P 2.0 trigger as "The trigger is a huge improvement over the original. It is a bit crisper with almost none of the creepiness that sent us to the aftermarket. The majority of shooters will be very pleased with this upgrade. However, the trigger is still the worst part of this arrangement. As improved as it is, the M&P 2.0 factory trigger is still no Apex. For me, it’s not the pull weight, release or reset. It is simply the way the trigger is constructed; it feels fragile even though it is not. This is the version they install on their PRO line of pistols." So, like many/most striker fired pistols, both triggers have their good and bad. There are aftermarket trigger kits available for both. And triggers, like many things are subject to the interpretation of each individual. Sorry I can't be of much help. Neither, apparently, has a 'target' trigger, but both, apparently, have very adequate 'duty' triggers.