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  • by - Lifetime Points: 51192 Chosen as Best Answer
  • Joel, the stock "Guide Rod" is Polymer/Plastic. Steel replacements are readily available (a metal guide rod will increase durability and the extra weight will help sight recovery when firing) :

  • by - Lifetime Points: 2046
  • Joel - Beretta fits this one with a polymer guide rod. It met their requirements for the pistol, and like many other companies these days (The "Big G" for one, in many cases) lots of pistols have polymer guide rods. I've never had a problem because of a polymer guide rod in more in decades of shooting. It is largely a matter of personal preference. This one will function just fine.

  • by - Lifetime Points: 580
  • It's plastic. Change it out every 5000 rounds and it will function fine. Metal guide rods tend to wear the frame quicker and being heavier will cause the muzzle to dip on recoil.

  • by - Lifetime Points: 21759
  • it has the plastic guide rod metal replacements are available from beretta and other sources. That being said I have guns that have both metal and polymer and I have not found any compelling reason to change my polymer guide rods for steel as its not a high wear or high failure part