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  • Francis - One only measures worth of something by consideration of what one values. If the extra $$ spent to get the Legion, with it's adjustable, Sort reset trigger, X-Ray 3 high-viz night sights, and any other 'trimmings' that comes with the Legion, but not the Base model P226, is worth it to YOU then it is worth it ... No one else can judge what is 'worth it' in your mind. I have found over the years, it is better to go ahead and go First Class from the get-go, than to always have a lingering bit of guilt in the back of my mind, that I should have got the one I really wanted, instead of just 'settling' for the lesser one. There's a huge difference between a "bullet launcher" and a fine handgun. Is it worth it to YOU?

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  • Francis, in my opinion, no. The Standard 226 will give you 95% of what the Legion offers. I would spend the additional $ on practice ammunition.

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