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  • Matthew, it is actually a combination clone of both the Glock and HK VP9. The slide is mostly Gock and the frame is mostly HK VP9. It is as reliable as both at a super price. ----

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  • Matthew - at this point in the game, it is difficult to come up with any 'new' designs in striker fired, polymer pistols. We are going to continue to see a lot of 'clone' looking guns, I'm sure. This one stands out a bit from the pack though - "Possibly the most rigorously tested pistol ever developed, the new SAR9 endured 130° baking to simulate desert conditions, -50° for the arctic, salt fog, high altitude, 24 hours of rain, solar radiation, fouling, drop tests and 150,000 round of live fire in the factory. Police later ran their own test that included 50,000 rounds. Finally, a NATO test against major manufacturers from Austria, German and the U.S. ran 90,000 rounds with the SAR9 the clear winner. However, the SAR9 has more to offer than just toughness and reliability." (Guns America review)

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  • it is not a clone but the took features from the glock slide and the HP frame here is a review

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