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  • Mark, Just spray or put a little gun oil on a soft cloth and wipe the firearm down. If you need deeper cleaning a little Hoppes #9 or Remington Action Cleaner will clean. These are basically bore cleaners, but will clean powder and residue from outside of firearm also. Wipe it off then rub down and wipe off with gun oil, synthetic, lithium, or silicon. Don't make it harder then it is

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  • I wipe mine down with a old bath towel and Rig universal gun grease

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  • Mark, no, Semichrome metal polish is best for Chrome , aluminum and brass etc and not Blued Finishes. Wipe your blued pistol with a silicone impregnated cloth. Birchwood-Casey makes one that you should be able to get at Wally World. I like the Champion's Choice cloth, it is impregnated with a silicone fluid, not soaked, just a tad. Try the Birchwood-Casey, I think you'll like it. It will remove the surface marks (finger marks) and dust. Don't scrub with it, just wipe.

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  • I just brush very lightly with oil and wipe.

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