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  • Taurus G2C 40 cal.

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  • Just purchased this G2C and in loading, after cleaning and polishing, I noticed I could not chamber a round from the mag using the slide release lever. Got a FTF every time. However, I could chamber fine by drawing back and releasing the slide. Have not noticed this on any other semi-auto. Is this normal for this gun?

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  • Jim, Have talked to several gun owners with this problem. Local gunsmith looked at one specific firearm. We tried several different magazines. Some went into battery with slide release easier then others. What was diagnosed was: as the round was attempting to feed out of magazine round got caught on out of spec extractor to stop from going into battery. Polished behind the lip on outside of extractor claw, (removed extractor), polished feed ramp Does need to be broke in and well lubed. Shot 400 rounds and it went into battery with slide release after taking sharp edge off inside of extractor claw, breaking in, and lubing well. May not be your issue, but something to look at.

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  • Jim, this is normal for the PT-111/G2 Series pistols initially. I have 2 PT-111's and 3 G2C's and it took around 500rds for the slide lock release to break-in. I also found that a spirited mag insertion will also release the slide as well.

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  • as long as it works when firing I would not worry about it I suspect that after 400-500 rounds it will work fine by just hitting the slide release

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