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  • Christopher, I have run everything through mine. Armscor 36 gr HP, Aquila Super Extra 40gr, Remington Thunderbolt 36 gr, CCI mini-mag 40gr. Only slight chambering issues with Federal Target Grade Performance 40 gr. CCI mini-mag is most consistent in all my 22lr semi-autos.

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  • Christopher, the two consistently high ranked loads for this platform are Winchester M22 and CCI Mini-Mags. -------

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  • Christopher - Pretty much any commercially available .22 LR will work fine. Since it is a 'fun gun' - and not a precision target rifle - you don't have to worry too much about 'accuracy'. You might fnd some of the sub-sonic stuff won't cycle it consistently, but that just depends on your particular firearm. This thing should eat pretty much anything.

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  • CCI Mini Mags are the best most reliable inexpensive 22lr ammo out there. If a 22 will not work with Mini Mags you need to take it to a gunsmith

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