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  • Extractor issue

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    in Hand Gun
  • Bought this 1911 and i cant get through a clip without it failing to exrtract a previously fired shell. Im not just dumping mags either im shooting slow and it seems to vary from the beginning of a clip to the last rounds. Was just wondering if anyone else has had these issues and maybe how it could be fixed.

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  • It is a solid extractor (not spring loaded) and it can be bent or broken by dropping a round in the chamber and letting the slide close on it. It is meant to feed from the magazine only. If there is no damage to the extractor then check to see if it is properly adjusted. Take the slide off and push a cartridge up under the extractor and shake the slide a bit. If it falls out it needs to be adjusted which entails removing the extractor and bending it. Here's a video on it.

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