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  • Yes. I’ve used mini shells on all 9 of my shotguns and they worked. I have to Winchester shotguns and they worked, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

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  • here is what both aguila and federal (federal is now making mini shells also )says about them "You should expect similar performance to most full size 2-3/4" loads in break action, and single shot shotguns. Feeding in other types of shotguns can very from firearm to firearm and you should temper your expectations and order just a box at a time to try them in your particular firearm to see if they work/cycle/function."

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  • Latrelle, This fine pump action shotgun will fire everything from the 1 3/4" mini shell to 3" slugs or buckshot. Only thing on the mini shells is don't baby the pump. Really throw the action to cycle well.

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  • Latrelle, yes Sir. They are reliable in just about any "Pump" Shotgun.

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