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Ask the Community

  • Which caliber to choose?

    in Long Gun
  • Was looking at Hi-Point carbines and trying to figure out which caliber is best. I already have both 9 mm and and 40sw in other stuff. Was thinking of going with 45. But may stick with the better deal. Thanks for any suggestions. I\'m not particular to any caliber.

    3 Answers

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  • by - Lifetime Points: 21781 Chosen as Best Answer
  • the 9mm is much less expensive to shoot unless you reload the the 45 is easier to reload and more fun IMO

  • by - Lifetime Points: 4192
  • Richard, With no concern on ammo cost, I would recommend the 10MM carbine. Most versatile and effective.

  • by - Lifetime Points: 52765
  • Richard, the 9mm will likely be the best choice as you will already have ammunition. Common caliber firearms seem to be the theme these days.