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  • Kurt, for safety and warranty reasons I would seek first hand info from EUROPEAN AMERICAN ARMORY at (321) 639-4842 Customer Service Hours - 8:30am – 3:30pm EST ( I own a 2 inch Windicator and have not had any issues with Underwood or Doubletap 357 Magnum Loads.

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  • Kurt - If you find a "357 mag + P" load, let me know will ya? I'm 66 and have never seen one, heard of one, nor even read about one. The 357 mag was created to 'upgrade' the 38 special. a 357 handgun will fire 38 special or 39 special + P, and of course 357 magnum ammo.

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  • I have never came across a .357 +p load and a google search does not list any. A 357 will be fine with .38+p loads and I do not believe there are any .357+p loads

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  • +p .38 spl is fine, but not .357 mag.

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