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  • Craig, I have owned one in the past. I sold it along with extra magazines and ammunition after a couple of years of ownership. Barring the difficulty being able to get the Military LE style ammunition, the available Commercial ammunition was not what I needed/wanted. The nostalgia quickly wore off. It was light recoiling and fun to shoot but, did not have purpose my other firearms could not fulfill especially at the price range. You may have different thoughts or intentions though.

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  • Craig, Had one, sold one. Great fun to shoot. Expensive ammunition. No real purpose for firearm. Sold it for 2 times what I paid for it. Novelty firearm. If you really want one this is a great price. $400 less then most places.

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  • I also had one and did not like it but could I suggest the RIA 22tcm/9mm combo which i have and love the 22TCM gives about the same performance as the 5.7 and you have the 9mm barrel that you can install and shoot 9mm with I have one and I love mine

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