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  • Aaron, Check your state laws. You can go to BUDs catalog home page and check 'State Restrictions' and see if you need a FOID card or Conceal Carry permit to buy a handgun like in Illinois or Minnesota. Most free states have no such restrictions.

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  • Aaron, yes Sir you can. The CCW already requires a background check and just allows (in most) States for you to purchase without the FFL having to perform the background check and you get your firearm quicker. You don't need a CCW to purchase, it just helps the process along quicker if you happen to have one. -------

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  • That depends entirely on where you live. For rifles you do not usually need a permit in all but the strictest states and for handguns there are a fair share of permitless states but most require a permit to carry or at minimum a permit to purchase. It is a good idea to become well versed in the legal situation of your home state and also, even if you are not required to have a CCW where you live you might consider attending a class or seeking out some form of extra training anyway to increase your skills and establish safe habits. This site is pretty informative:

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