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  • Purchasing a rifle or hand gun

    Asked 08/26/2019 06:31 PM CT
    by unnamed user in Hand Gun

    Glock 19X 9mm Glock Night Sights 19+1 Glock 19X 9mm Glock Night Sights 19+1
  • My question is what is required to purchase from this site. I am familiar with virginia’s by laws and requirements

    3 Answers

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  • 08/26/2019 07:23 PM CT
    by James G - Lifetime Points: 32607 Best
  • Jack, you just need an active account. You purchase the same as from any other website with the difference being that your firearm goes to your selected FFL for transfer to you after appropriate fees and paperwork are completed and your background check is cleared.

  • 08/26/2019 07:29 PM CT
    by randy i - Lifetime Points: 14727
  • Please select a best answer. Also please note that the 1st answers given are at the bottom of the thread.. You can select more than one best answer by opening the question in multiple windows/tabs (before selecting best answer) then selecting a different answer in each window/tab

  • 08/26/2019 06:38 PM CT
    by randy i - Lifetime Points: 14727
  • A account and a method of payment. Place item in cart. go to checkout. select FFL to be shipped to (can select or change later) continue to payment select payment type . after payment completed firearm ships to your chosen FFL and you pay him a transfer fee and do paperwork. The transfer fee amount is up to the receiving FFL holder normally between $15.00 and $35.00