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Ask the Community

  • Hollow Point Ammunition?

    Asked 09/29/2019 08:53 PM CT
    by unnamed user in Ammunition

  • Will this firearm accept Hornady Critical Defense Ammunition? If so do they feed reliably in the weapon including any hollow point ammunition?

    3 Answers

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  • 09/29/2019 09:00 PM CT
    by Michael W - Lifetime Points: 3690 Chosen as Best Answer
  • Frederick, Each firearm is unique. Buy some hollow points you want to use and try them. You would have to run several boxes through to make sure they fire reliably even if a community member says they work great in your firearm. You want to make sure the defensive ammo you want to use functions reliably in your firearm no matter what anybody else says.

  • 09/30/2019 06:14 PM CT
    by Rudy G - Lifetime Points: 1125
  • No firearm specified.

  • 09/30/2019 07:19 AM CT
    by James G - Lifetime Points: 46971
  • Frederick, no firearm specified Sir. Hornady's Critical Defense/Duty ammunition give more of a fmj orgive and will feed in the vast majority of firearms without any issues whatsoever. It give both reliable feeding and expansion. Depending on the angle of the feed ramp and hollow point profile, a few firearms could stand a feed ramp polish. Firearms, even the same model, could have slight tolerance differences so always function check your firearm with a few different brands. Then record the lot number and stock up.