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    Asked 10/17/2019 07:59 PM CT
    by unnamed user in General

  • I am considering buying a MSR, however Bud\'s has made shopping for one extremely miserable, as I am unable to filter out results for lower. I\'ll search \"-lower\" in longguns, and that \"-\" mark, as it should on well-built search engines, doesn\'t filter out the lowers. To be honest, there aren\'t many components I care about less than a custom lower receiver. I\'d like to buy one here, but I\'ll have to buy it from a dealer if I have to rake through irritating results for my search on Bud\'s.

    4 Answers

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  • 10/23/2019 08:41 AM CT
    by Evan M - Lifetime Points: 919 Chosen as Best Answer
  • N/A

  • 10/17/2019 10:48 PM CT
    by Michael W - Lifetime Points: 3692
  • Jay, Here is the Go to Firearms, Hit Search by type. Go to Modern Sporting Rifles. Then on left hand column hit Lower Receivers and it will give you the 194 lower receivers BUDs has.

  • 10/17/2019 08:20 PM CT
    by Rudy G - Lifetime Points: 1125
  • I agree. This website, though I love it, searching can be a headache. Many times irrelevant things pop up. Or sometimes I type exactly what I’m looking for and other things come out up. It is irritating sometimes. I’m not sure if you’ve tried, but if you click on the FIREARMS selection and go to that page, on the left side you can filter out a lot of things and only show what you want. It is not the best platform, but it’s made my searching a bit easier.

  • 10/17/2019 08:19 PM CT
    by James G - Lifetime Points: 47000
  • Jay, Buds search is vague. Try searching AR Lower - then select Long Guns at the left - then select Manufacturer you are interested in.