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  • Legend ??

    Asked 01/07/2020 04:21 PM CT
    by Jerre P in Ammunition

    Legend Pro .380 ACP HP 100gr 100rd Bag Legend Pro .380 ACP HP 100gr 100rd Bag
  • I\'m not familiar with this company. Somebody please give me some information on them. Anybody tried this .380 100 gr h.p. bullet ? Thanks.

    2 Answers

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  • 01/07/2020 08:52 PM CT
    by Michael W - Lifetime Points: 4124 Chosen as Best Answer
  • Jerre, Decent range ammo for the price. I do find an occasional hard primer, but try it for yourself.

  • 01/07/2020 04:37 PM CT
    by James G - Lifetime Points: 51110
  • Jerre, not very much any where on this Legend Ammunition Sir. You may want to test a bag first and if every thing checks out, then buy it in bulk,