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  • Are these special serial numbers?

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  • Hello, I'm wanting to know if these serial numbers that are currently being offered on this model special or more desirable in any way. I honestly know nothing about serial numbers on Walthers, so when I see the serial number selection tab pop up, it makes me think that either there is something special with the "WF0" prefix, or that maybe they are just low numbers. I have no I idea, an would really love to know. Any knowledge is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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  • There’s nothing special about the serial numbers, unless you find one that’s special to you. For example, birth year, birthdates, year of wedding, consecutive serial numbers, etc.. It was my pleasure to assist you.

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  • Michael, Nothing special about theses serial numbers. Just have the choice of choosing the numbers of your choosing.

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  • Michael, no Sir. The serial number offering just give folks the opportunity to choose serial numbers. Example, many collectors want consecutive numbers when buying multiple firearms. Cheers!

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